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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I got it for Christmas and it’s been collecting dust since. The format is too bizarre for me. I do want to give it a proper go, but I’ve been putting it off.
  2. I thought the same initially but ended up reading it in one sitting in a day I got so enthralled .
  3. LTG


    I loved it. It's the first Saunders I've ever read and it has made me want to read some of his short stories.

    The only thing I really didn't like was the bit where Lincoln decides to end slavery because a slave ghost inhabits him for a bit. It felt like it was trivialising the issue.
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  4. I read the first few pages in Waterstones and I just didn’t get it. Can’t put it ahead of anything else in my (very big) backlog right now!
  5. I've finally got around to reading this and it's great. Possibly my favourite book of the ones I've read this year. It just works in a way that I find difficult to describe.
  6. I'm glad it's good!
    it's really up there in my "next to get" list.

    I really need to stop buying more books.
    I think I have over 20 around my room waiting to be read, and last week I won a random Twitter contest and I won 9 more????? Coool, but damn.

    So, no more impromptu visits to Waterstones or Foyles to make time for my trains.


    In other book news, I'm halfway through The Flying Mountain and I'm in love with it.
    So much that I was just about to buy his other book, Atlas of an Anxious Man when I remembered all my unread ones at home.

    Soho is also amazing.
    Some of the poems leave you a bit... horny? Others wreck you. Others make you think.

    I hate that poetry is so expensive though, but I'm down to giving my coin to up and coming artists anytime.
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    I decide to try to spend less money on books, then I decide to support an independent bookshop or my friend recommends me something and I just crumble.

    I discovered a great bookshop in Bloomsbury, Persephone Books who publish forgotten books (mainly by female writers) from the 20th century and sell them in their shop, and had to give them my money.
  8. I’ve been meaning to go there when I go to London, but I know the outcome.
    I already have to go to Hatchards every time I go, and I want to go to Gay's The Word just cause I'm curious.
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  9. Finished Soho.
    The last part, Oh My Soho!, is such a punch in the gut.
  10. I am currently reading the second book "Authority" of the Southern Reach Trilogy and it started to bore me out a bit because of the narrative change. Like can we go back to the Area X please?
  11. My boyfriend just read it and said it was a total chore, except for the last 10%. He liked it so little that he’s refusing to read the last one and just read a synopsis instead.

    I finished Tigerman and it was... fine. The ending was good and it tied up nicely, but I didn’t feel that spark for it.

    Just bought Tin Man and Less, which is my holiday next week taken care of.
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  12. I might have done the same thing if i had not already bought the third book.
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