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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vauncey, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. I question how this is going to change our experience of Pop Justice as a reporter of pop and a forum for pop fans. I sincerely hope this does not turn in to a massive advert for Popjustice Hi-fi signed acts. I had already started to question why there had been a certain exponential growth in highlighting new upcoming acts and pulling some focus away from more interesting reportage of pop music. Now it becomes clear.

    Good luck though. Judging from Peter's output and this forum of fans, im sure there will be some great tunes. And its nice to have another "indie" (but pop) label out there!
  2. I for one welcome our new record company overlords.
  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

  4. Why "Waterfall"? It's too Robyn-esque fo someone whose had "Gameboy" up her sleeve since at least 2007
  5. So...might as well go ahead and be the first to ask this (even though it may sound a bit premature). Are these singles going to be available for pre-order via traditional online stores like Amazon? Or will they be sold by indie online retailers? Or both?
  6. Do you think it has been concious? While I had noticed the lack of coverage to established acts, I sort of assumed it was due to the competition reporting every move of more established pop acts.
  7. How come a week worth of posts have been removed...?
  8. which week?
  9. The Fear of Tigers remix is "out there" and it's predictably wonderful.
  10. The Bright Light Bright Light track is brilliant.
    Please sign Rachel Stevens.
  11. This is going to be such a huge waste of time and money.

    I thought Peter wanted proper popstars? Instead we have some dodgy guy and this girl doing who knows what, but definately nothing that will sell.
  12. Ouch. I wonder if Peter still agrees with his statement a few months back that breakfast2 often speaks sense and is usually right?

    Anyway, the price tag is high for a CD single, yes. £2 more gets you The Saturdays 'Headlines'... and these days they're usually 99p or £1.99 on the rare occassion they are released at all. Will there be pre-ordering available directly from the label?
  13. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    Well I think Breakfast2 is right, in a sense, in that none of the first few releases are intended to be chart-bothering at all. I think I know what Breakfast2 means about 'proper popstars' (eg he means more on the Saturdays end of things, I guess) but there's just as much emphasis on 'proper pop songs' and I think both the releases fit the bill there.

    The CD is quite expensive on HMV isn't it - it's a quid cheaper (£3.99) on Amazon which was the price we were expecting it to retail at. It's in a CD single in a nice 7" gatefold sleeve so I suppose it makes sense that the price is nearer that of a 7" (which tend to go at £4.99).
  14. Theman has, a berd, howcan you be A "pop star" whenyou have a berd?? Thisis rubesh
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  15. Well, he just trashed your business model... I hope you don't agree you're wasting your time and money?!

    But anyway, I knew about the 7" packaging and I'm actually looking forward to the first two releases because I know nothing about either act and I'm gonna keep it that way until the singles arrive... but I dislike Amazon so might go for HMV. It will be interesting to see where the label goes next though... any clues?
  16. Shame there is no b-side.
    Fans like B-sides record label.
    Cough cough Gameboy cough cough.
  17. There is a B side, the track list is:

    1. Waterfall
    2. Runaway
    3. Waterfall (Fear Of Tigers mix)
  18. I thought breakfast2 would be able to spell definitely...

    I'm quite interested in buying the CD, just because of the gatefold sleeve. When does it come out?
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