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Popjustice Melodifestivalen Favourites Rate - Finalen - VINNARE

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Empty Shoebox, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Wictoria is the one that looks like a poodle, no?
  2. [​IMG]

    Maybe more like if Zara Larsson and Adele had a love child who couldn’t stop sticking her finger into an electrical outlet
  3. A&E


    I like both but Eldorado >>> Alexandra to be quite honest (but only the Mello version that's on 20 år med Nanne, the English version on the Sound of Music album is so lifeless).

    By the way, I'm sure I also nominated Garmarna's En gång ska han gråta from 1997!
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  4. This makes me wonder how close my other faves were to flopping out of this altogether. Hope I saved some bops!
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  5. You definitely did. It's on my spreadsheet. I've updated that post now. Thanks for noticing.
  6. Anyone else fancy dropping some votes? I should have bumped this thread at the weekend, but PJ00s.
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  7. I am definitely dropping votes!

    I'll try to hurry up.
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  8. Hoodiladi I'll be sending some votes before Sunday
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  9. Don't let me forget to do this, I've got lots of faves that need me!
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  11. Oh yeah I need to go look up videos for the finalists.
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  12. @cakeboy is at work. I'll make him do it when he comes home!

    But wil he finally put Jay-Jay Johanson in his top 10?

  13. Will he vote for the one AC song currently on zero points?
  14. Reminder that today's the last day for Andra Chansen votes. We'll be starting the final tomorrow.
  15. I ended up voting for all the same songs I voted for last time but not necessarily in the same order.
  16. I'm going to bed. Anyone who hasn't voted has until I wake up.
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  17. @NecessaryVoodoo submitted after the deadline, but I was feeling generous so their votes have been added.

    This means that för Andra Chansen, Vi har ett resultat.

    In a random order, the songs that have made the final:
    Paris - Jay-Jay Johanson (2013)
    Alibi - Eddie Razaz (2013)
    The Girl - Charlotte Perrelli (2012)
    Dance You Off - Benjamin Ingrosso (2018)
    Håll om mig - Nanne Grönvall (2005)
    In My Cabana - Margaret (2018)
    A Million Years - Mariette (2017)
    Lay Your Love On Me - BWO (2008)
    A Different Kind of Love - Caroline Wennergren (2005)
    La Voix - Malena Ernman (2009)
    Aldrig Aldrig - Andreas Lundstedt (2012)
    Blame It on the Disco - Alcazar (2014)
    My Heart Wants Me Dead - Lisa Ajax (2016)
    Just a Little Bit - Love Generation (2012)
    Manboy - Eric Saade (2010)
    Elektrisk - Anniela (2011)

    The songs that now leave us (in alphabetical order):
    Amare - Adrijana
    Amazing - Danny Saucedo
    Bedroom - Alvaro Estrella
    Cry - Dotter
    Good Lovin’ - Benjamin Ingrosso
    Hello Hi - Dolly Style
    Heroes - Måns Zelmerlöw
    I’ll Be Fine - Molly Pettersson Hammar
    La Musica - Verona
    Manipulated - Hanna Lindblad
    Not A Sinner Nor A Saint - Alcazar
    Nothing At All - LaGaylia
    One More Night - Dinah Nah
    Refrain, Refrain - Pay TV
    Survivor - Helena Paparizou
    Temple of Love - BWO
    Undo - Sanna Nielsen
    Vågar du, vågar jag - Sanna Nielsen
    You’re Out of my Life - Darin

    Full final lineup to follow after I've updated the playlist and speadsheet.
  18. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

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