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Popjustice Melodifestivalen Favourites Rate - Finalen - VINNARE

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Empty Shoebox, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Ah, but you see, it brought us one of the worst trainwrecks in the history of Swedish Idol, and there are many of those:

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  2. I've seen funeral marches with more energy.
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  3. I had no idea Dinah Nah was in Caramell! Actually, I feel like I did at some point and then forgot about it. *shrug*
  4. I think one of the girls who was eliminated in the semi-finals that year (Mikaela Samuelsson) ended up in Dolly Style. Not sure if she's Folly, Collie or Golly though, or maybe she's Jolly who left the group.
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  5. So 'one of our top years'. Specifically, one of our top years, pre semi-final era.

    You've guessed it.

    It's Nanne time again.

    #54= Alexandra - Sound of Music
    1987 (4th / 12, 44 points to winner's 59)
    Submitted by @A&E, @Empty Shoebox, @Riiiiiiiii

    Average score: 6.83
    Highest scorers: @iheartpoptarts @sfmartin (9)
    Lowest scorers: @Kadebostany (2)

    Life before Melodifestivalen:
    See the writeup for 'Eldorado' on page 23. It was literally the previous year so nothing really happened between.

    What I didn't mention then was that the album 'Sound of Music' reached '20 in the album chart. Because I forgot.

    Life after Melodifestivalen:

    'Alexandra' reached #15 in the singles chart. The imaginatively titled album 'Sound of Music II' wasn't released until 1988, but it only reached #50 in the charts.

    Sound of Music have been on indefinite hiatus since then. Maybe disbanding is like closing a railway station, where there's an official ceremony and lots of paperwork, so people don't bother.

    So the group went their separate ways. Peter and Nanne, as you know, went on to form Peter's Pop Squad, and then One More Time.

    Angélique didn't have a great deal of success afterwards. She performed a couple of duets with Don Bennechi, which makes sense, because they were married. The only true solo release I can find for her is 1998's 'Come on and Jump'.

    You want more? Well, she does have writing credit on 'Trelli Kardia', which appeared on Helena Paparizou's 'My Number One' album. Quite how much she was involved, I don't know, but she'll get royalties, so that's okay I guess.

    So what did you all say?

    We'll start with @iheartpoptarts, because her username is first alphabetically.
    @sfmartin was also impressed:
    @WowWowWowWow gave it compliments too:
    We'll finish with @Empty Shoebox who said that is was 'everything you liked about Eldorado, but more'. It's a much more polished performance, but it's a bit too repetitive for me.

    Here's that Helena Paparizou song I mentioned:

    Next, it's three songs separated by half a point, and another legend is eliminated.
  6. I actually just yelled out WHOA HAIR in my office.
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  7. I don't have an interesting lead into this one

    or even a snarky lead

    I'm tired okay? Let me be.


    #52= Hit men inte längre (Here but no longer) - Liza Öhman
    1980 (3rd / 10, 94 points to winner's 112)
    Submitted by @WowWowWowWow

    Average score: 6.89
    Highest scorers: @Riiiiiiiii, @iheartpoptarts (9)
    Lowest scorers: @Kadebostany (5)

    Life before Melodifestivalen:
    Liza's career started as a session singer, if my translation is correct, and worked with the likes of Björn Skifs.
    She was one of the vocalists on the 1978 novelty album 'Tjejernas Fula Visor'.
    She was a backing singer on ABBA's World tour 1979 - 1980.

    Life after Melodifestivalen:
    'Hit men inte längre' doesn't appeared to have troubled the singles charts, but it did make it to #2 in Svensktoppen, and spent ten weeks in the top ten. The follow-up single, 'Håll Mej Hårt Intill Dej' reached #1 and spent another ten weeks on the list. Not satisfied with that, 'Här Igen' then spent another five weeks in the top ten of Svensktoppen, making Liza very difficult to avoid for the rest of that year.

    Liza's self titled debut album reached #47 in the charts that same year, and one single (how many did they release from that album?) 'Rakt över disk' reached #16 on the singles chart.

    Liza competed again in Melodifestivalen 1982 with the song 'Hey hi ho'. It finished 3rd. The single reached #14 in the chart.

    Liza then also appeared as part of the choir in Melodifestivalen 1983. After that, I can't find anything.

    Comments? Sure. Let's open with @sfmartin:
    High scorer @iheartpoptarts:
    and submitter @WowWowWowWow:
    But remember, ABBA are back! Don't give up on your dream.

    So here's 'Hey hi ho', with a pronunciation of 'sju' that I hadn't heard before:

    and here's 'Hit men inte längre' again:

    [awaits @KamikazeHeart correcting the song title translation]
    Next, back to the semi final era, for another AC song.
  8. Help! Save the retrobops! Etc.
  9. So let's step away from song titles that require translation.

    And, as I promised, step back into the semi finals.

    Semi Final 2.





    #52= In My Cabana - Polish Margaret
    2018 (3rd in SF2, defeated Moncho in AC, 7th / 12 in final, 103 points to winner's 181)
    Submitted by @A&E

    Average score: 6.89
    Highest scorers: @iheartpoptarts, @sfmartin (9)
    Lowest scorers: @Kadebostany (3)

    Life before Melodifestivalen:
    Małgorzata Jamroży's debut single was 'Thank You Very Much', which was released as a promotional single in 2012. It was swiftly withdrawn before being re-released in 2013, because the record company changed their minds and decided to promo it.

    Her major breakthrough single was 2014's 'Wasted', which shot to #6 in the Polish singles chart (which appears to track airplay only). The next two singles 'Start a Fire' and 'Heartbeat' made it to #10 and #11 respectively.

    Her first album was also released in 2014. Titled 'Add the Blonde', it reached #6 and eventually went on to be certified platinum in Poland.

    Polish Margaret's second album 'Just the Two of Us' with Canadian man Matt Dusk was less successful, only managing #28 in Poland, and with none of the singles charting.

    In 2016, Polish Margaret competed in Krajowe Eliminacje with the song 'Cool me Down' this song was noticed worldwide, and was given some considerable interest including pop justice dot com.

    The song went on to reach #4 in Poland, and was later covered by Swedish singer Liamoo, on Idol 2016.

    Her third album 'Monkey Business' was released in 2017, reached #8 in Poland and spawned two singles 'What You Do' and 'Byle Jak' (#14 and #6 respectively)

    Life after Melodifestivalen:
    'In My Cabana' made it to #3 in Poland and #8 in Sweden. She has yet to release a follow-up, but it must be coming.

    Margaret is touring this winter in Sweden with E-Type and other Melfesty people Linda Bengtzing, Robin Bengtsson and (whisper it) Wiktoria.

    So who would want to go ape?
    Would it be @WowWowWowWow?
    And here was me thinking we could make it through without mentioning the toilet.

    Was @iheartpoptarts swayed?
    I think that's a 'yes'

    @sfmartin was left wanting A LIttle Bit More:
    'Cool Me Down'

    Liamoo's version:

    and 'In My Cabana'

    Next, we take a break from eliminating songs that @sfmartin was top scorer for. Will they feel relieved?
  10. I swear one of these days I'm just going to travel around Europe and go to pop concerts.
  11. Potential spoilers:

    The last song from the seventies leaves...
    in the top ten

    The last song from the eighties leaves...
    in the top ten

    The last song from the nineties leaves...
    in the top ten

    The last song from the two thousands leaves...
    in the top ten

    The last song from the two zero ones leaves...
    in the top ten
  12. Oh heyyyyyyyyy, cool!
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  13. I was about to say "Therefore CLEARLY Diggiloo would be the best choice this year" and then I discovered that Diggiloo this year includes someone whose name rhymes with Schmavid Schmindgren and someone else whose name rhymes with Schmister Schmörkman, so in fact it seems that the best choice is a medically-induced coma.
  14. They named a festival after the Diggiloo song? This makes me happy.
  15. I mentioned those concerts in the write-up for 'The Girl', but it wouldn't be worth going just to see Charlotte.
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  16. Yes you did. And I even liked the post so that means I read it. I'm going to blame Dovvid-induced amnesia ("DON'T THINK ABOUT HIM DON'T THINK ABOUT HIM DON'T THINK ABOUT HIM")
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  17. The last song from the seventies: Waterloo

    The last song from the eighties: Dansa i neon/Okey Okey

    The last song from the nineties: Tusen och en Natt

    The last song from the two thousands: Never Let It Go

    The last song from the two zero ones: Faller/Snurra min Jord


  19. I think you're about half right!
  20. So we travel from Göteborg...

    via Kristianstad and Stockholm

    across the sea

    to London


    #51 Piccadilly Circus - Pernilla Wahlgren
    1985 (4th / 10, 29 points to winner's 56)
    Submitted by @WowWowWowWow

    Average score: 6.94
    Highest scorers: @iheartpoptarts (10)
    Lowest scorers: @Kadebostany (3)

    Life before Melodifestivalen:
    Pernilla's maw is a famous actress, Christina Schollin. The two appeared together multiple times in Pernilla's youth. In fact, her first credited appearance was in 1972's 'Den längsta dagen', at the age of five, alongside her mother.

    She appeared in a number of other acting roles in the theatre, and yes, you've guessed it, she started singing in musicals. She played leading roles in The Sound of Music and Pippi Långstrump.

    It was then only natural that she would pursue a career in recorded music. Her debut single, 'Nu har det tänt' was released in 1984. I can't see how well it was received, as Sveriges Radio has no data for Svensktoppen for that year.

    Life after Melodifestivalen:
    Piccadilly Circus reached #2 in the singles chart, and a lot of people complained to SVT that it was robbed at Melodifestivalen. Insert your own conspiracy theory about not wanting to host Eurovision two years in a row.

    Pernilla's self titled album reached #6 in the charts that same year, and non-album single Svindlande Affärer topped Svensktoppen for the year. I should mention that the SR site only has data beginning 1985-10-13, but she still beat Christer Björkman.

    Pernilla followed this with another two albums in two years. 1986's 'Attractive' reached #8, and 1987's 'Pure Dynamite' made it to #14. She then slowed right down and waited until 1989 before releasing 'Flashback'. It only made it to #47 on the chart.

    In 1991, Pernilla returned to Melodifestivalen with 'Tvillingsjäl', written by Lena Phillipson. It failed to make the superfinal / second stage of voting / whatever you want to call it.

    1992's 'I Myself and Me' continued the slump, with the album missing the chart, as well as all of the singles. Musically, that brings us up to right about where the writeup for Swedish Housewives started, so let's mention her personal life. If that sounds invasive, just remember that there's a TV programme about it.

    Pernilla started dating one of her backing dancers from Piccadilly Circus, Emilio Ingrosso, shortly after the performance. They released a duet 'Paradise' in 1986. It made it to #17 on the singles chart. The couple had their first child, Oliver, in 1989. He isn't the Ingrosso from Axwell Λ Ingrosso. That's his cousin, Sebastian. Oliver does have a career as a DJ though, in case you weren't planning on confusing them.

    The two had a daughter, Bianca, in 1994. She has also had a music career, and competed in Stage Junior 2006 (TV4's selection for Junior Eurovision). She finished second, behind Molly Sandén. She's also been in The Sound of Music, competed in Let's Dance, and judged on Talang (Got Talent) which must fill a bingo card somewhere.

    Their third child, Benjamin, has an entry in this rate, so we'll talk about him later.

    Pernilla has another son called Theodor, but he's not famous yet.

    Enough of me. Let's hear from you.
    Starting with @sfmartin:
    We'll go to @WowWowWowWow next:
    and finish with @iheartpoptarts:
    Ah yes, that high note. Who did it better? Pernilla or Lynda?

    Here's that 1991 performance. See if you can work out what went wrong:

    And here's Piccadilly Circus again:

    Next up, a Pernilla writeup, a chart summary and then a four way tie.
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