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Popjustice Melodifestivalen Favourites Rate - Finalen - VINNARE

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Empty Shoebox, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Now seems an appropriate time to post this gif again


    Dilba hobbling around like Mr. Burns on the set of Tron is still a kii. It's a shame because Try Again is such a damn B O P. And did I still give it points even though the performance is a disaster?


  2. OMG, spot on!


    And you best believe I'm giving it points!! She's just behind Loreen...

  3. 2012 semi 1 was also great, and not just because of Euphoria. And I preface all of this by saying I obviously could do no better, so who am I to judge, but also, I’m judging.

    Special items to note:
    (1) Blossom’s strange grimace/“did I just wet myself a little” face right before the first verse kicks in
    (2) Kayo forgetting the choreography in the first refrain
    (3) Kayo forgetting the choreography at the same exact place during the second refrain, with Blossom basically pointing at her like “This binch”
    (4) Kayo forgetting the choreography AT THE SAME SPOT AGAIN DURING THE FINAL REFRAIN

    But they gave us “Never Let It Go” so they are ultimately forgiven.

    See also Marie Serneholt, with the most tragic LED background (seriously? Just SALT, PEPPER, and BOOM written in the clearly pre-installed font?) and the most amazing routine where she basically just danced in place for 3 minutes. I know she did move around, but not in a very large radius. Bonus points for the “Are you FUCKING kidding me?” look she makes at 01:02:07 when it’s announced that she is eliminated, just one year after presenting the whole damn thing:

    On the plus side, The Moniker came crashing down in that result too, so I’m not mad at it.

    And lastly, even though it was a blatant ripoff of “It’s Not Just For Gays Anymore” from the Tony Awards (and I believe the writer would in future years be called out for appropriating multiple Neil Patrick Harris-led Tony moments), “Hela Sveriges fest” was a great interlude.

    This has been “Holy Christ, why do I remember all of that” with your host, @WowWowWowWow
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  4. I love these write-ups ya'll doing, educating me.
    @cakeboy are you taking notes?
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  5. After dozens of viewings (for science), I’ve determined that there is a very brief window in the song where she almost seems like she is somewhat open to the idea of having fun. She sorta kinda sways along with the dancers and doesn’t have a look of complete pained agony on her face.


    The rest of it was just Leila K finally exacting her revenge 15 years on. (with bonus Charlotte “Nilsson”!!)

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  6. Found the best version of “Try Again”

  7. Time for a spotlight on Semi two.

    Two songs with four each again. Those being 'My Heart Is Refusing Me' and 'Begging'.

    The Winners
    2002 - Never Let It Go - Afro-Dite
    2003 - Give Me Your Love - Fame
    2014 - Undo - Sanna Nielsen

    Last Place Finishers
    2003 - You - Pandora
    2012 - Det går för långsamt - Mimi Oh
    2014 - Glow - Manda

    The Big Misses
    2007 - The Worrying Kind - The Ark (Overall Winner)
    2008 - Empty Room - Sanna Nielsen (2nd Overall and Televote Winner ahead of 'Hero')
    This, from 2008:


    Other Things
    2000 televotes between Anne-Lie Rydé and Fredrik Kempe in 2004
    700 televotes between Andreas and Mimi in 2012.
    BOP in 2013, and only one person nominating it.:

    Benjamin Ingrosso's arms from 2017.
  8. Sadly I don’t have as much to say about semi 2 over the years, however it did give us Swedish House Wives and


    so it can’t be all bad.

    On the night that Andreas Lundstedt crashed out of 2012 semi 2, he tweeted something to the effect of “Two careers died tonight. Mine and Whitney Houston’s.” (since it had been announced earlier in the day that she had passed away) I think he must have deleted it, so I have no receipts other than my memory!!

    Also, just because “Sanomi” did so well at Eurovision did not mean that we needed to start having songs in made-up languages in Mello, but also this bops far too much for a song that is essentially gibberish:

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  9. Oh wait who can forget Charlotte Perrelli being drafted in as Gina’s co-hostess for 2016 Semi 2, but being forced out because of her endorsement deals, and then still showing up and slaying her remake of Atemlos?

    Really the best part of all this was that a few months later, we got to witness Charlotte Perrelli sing “Eric Saade can go home” in front of the royal family at Victoriadagen. Bonus points to my dream man, Prince Carl Philip, for his somewhat bewildered look during “Här står jag.”

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  10. Well at least SOMEONE has taste.

    I read a quote about the SHW song from one of the journalists at rehearsals who described it as if “The Edge of Glory” mated with “Show Me Heaven” by Lili & Susie. Needless to say I was intrigued. I was also intrigued by the report that Pernilla kept tripping down the stairs. My klutzy queen! But when the one-minute rehearsal clip came out, I knew I had found my new national anthem.

  11. [​IMG]
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  12. My personal favorite of semi-final 2 is definitely Faller.


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  13. I was going to do semi 3 tonight, but then the car broke down, so [fart noise].

    Just over two weeks to go folks. If you haven't started listening to the songs, please do so, because there's quite a few.
  14. Time for your semi 3 spotlight folks. Don't worry, there's only one more to go after this, then we can all go home.
    Two leading with four again. This time, "Busy Doin' Nothin'" (2014) and 'Snurra min Jord' (2017) share the honours.

    The Winners
    2011 - Popular - Eric Saade kan gå hem
    2017 - I Can't Go On - Robin Bengtsson

    Last Place Finishers
    2007 - Drop Dead - Missmatch
    2014 - Red - Eko
    2015 - Living to Die - Andreas Johnson
    2017 - Snurra min Jord - Krista Siegfrids

    The Big Misses
    2005 - Las Vegas - Martin Stenmarck (overall winner in 2005, but crap)
    2010 - Headlines - Alcazar (It's Alcazar)

    Other Things
    Live Forever (2007) actually had more televotes than För att du finns after the first round of televotes, but went out in the second round, despite having about 3000 more votes in total.
    Not much else in terms of close voting, but this was Semi 3.

    And here's Gina trying to sing again.
  15. Semi 3 thoughts, in chronological order:

    What the actual Christ.

    Let me quote myself about Semi 3 2006:

    2007 - Not Nanne coming first in the first round of the televoting by 8,000 votes but then the Grönvallists abandoning her in round two!!

    2009 will always hold a special place in my heart since Semi 3 was the FIRST semifinal that I ever watched! Oh, if only I knew what my life was to become.

  16. Correct.
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  17. All I've got to say about semi-finals two and three is:
  18. Snurra min jord makes me want to buy a xylophone

  19. Right, let's talk about semi 4.

    One clear winner with four nominations here, 'Love Love Love' by Agnes, in 2009.

    The Winners
    2004 - Det gör ont - Lena Philipsson
    2006 - Evighet - Carola
    2008 - Hero - Charlotte Perrelli
    2009 - La Voix - Malena Ernman
    2013 - You - Robin Stjernberg
    2015 - Heroes - Måns Zelmerlöw

    Last Place Finishers
    2007 - La Musica - Verona
    2009 - Du är älskad där du går - Susanne Alfvengren
    2012 - Allting blir bra igen - OPA!
    2015 - Don’t Say No - Midnight Boy
    2016 - Killer Girl - Linda Bengtzing

    The Big Misses
    2007 - A Little Bit of Love - Andreas Johnson (overall runner up)
    2010 - This Is My Life - Anna Bergendahl (overall winner)
    2016 - If I Were Sorry - Frans (overall winner)
    2018 - EVERY SINGLE DAY - FELIX SANDMAN (overall runner up, and biggest microphone)

    Other Things
    In the 2005 final, 'Håll om mig' got nearly 180% of the amount of televotes that eventual winner 'Las Vegas' got, but only 120% of the number of points. This has made a lot of people rather unhappy and has widely been regarded as a bad move.

    After the 2010 final, a lot of people were upset again, leading to the Swedish regional juries being abolished and replaced fully by the international jury panel. However, it took until 2015 for the televote's influence to be reduced to ensure that Anna Bergendahl would never win again.

    Only about 100 votes between Agnes and Sarah Dawn Finer in the first round of televotes in 2009.

    Charlotte forgetting the words in 2012:

    This didn't make the final in 2017, and a lot of people weren't happy with that:

    2018 getting no nominations here, despite it being only last week seemingly.

    Next time I bump this thread, People will be tagged, so send me votes. Please.
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