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Popjustice Melodifestivalen Favourites Rate - Finalen - VINNARE

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Empty Shoebox, Feb 5, 2018.

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  2. Go on, then. What am I voting for and where?
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  4. @stomp

    Are any of you still interested in this rate? I could do with some votes. There's eight days left.
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  6. I just need rankings, no commentary if that helps?

    If not, I will tag you for the final.
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  8. Definitely! Will send my votes this weekend. Krista will win this whole thing. And we'll all be happy.

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  9. I've only followed Melfest for 2 years so can @NecessaryVoodoo just submit a ballot on my behalf?
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  10. Thanks for the invite, but I've been part of too many rates/contests recently and I still have a job to keep :P
    But if I had some more free time I would do it for sure!
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  11. Margaret 12 points.

    I haven't watched the semifinals sorry.
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  12. Obviously not, but if @NecessaryVoodoo sent you some scores slightly different from their own, and then you messaged them to me, how would I know?
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  13. I'll take a look at this over the weekend. There are a lot of songs I don't know, but a lot of songs I love!
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