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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. And just like that there was a mass shooting at a queer bar in her district. We were so close to getting rid of her. The GOP is making this country unsafe for us. I have no words.

    Edit: this didn’t happen in her district, rather the state she represents. Sorry for the confusion!
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  2. “This lawless violence needs to end and end quickly,” says the Congressperson who has been arrested and summonsed at least three times in the last ten years.
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  3. As much as I hate Boebert, it's not the same district (even if proximal).
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  4. Thank you for correcting me!
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  5. Mr.Arroz

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  6. It's astonishing with the uproar over the forgiveness programme how people just openly don't want others to get help, when it doesn't affect them in anyway whatsoever.

    (But you could say that about everything)
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  7. The likely Republican nominee just had dinner with an open Holocaust denier and white supremacist at his private resort, and there's only a faint murmur of media response. I get that we're all desensitized, and fixating on Trump's every move is a distraction, but how the hell did things end up so bad where this is now normal?

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  8. “Erections have consequences” was my favorite response.
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  9. Waiting to see how the Zi*n*sts contort out of this one.
  10. It hurts my heart to think of all these parents losing their children in shootings like this. And then nothing happens. Children being killed... and nothing fucking happens. It's horrific. We need better gun policies, less guns, no money in politics, and reallocation of the exorbitant amount of police funding - a police force that is barely trained and rarely helpful.

    And all these people who cling to their guns, thinking "well, my gun would never be used for something like this". Just like... Fuck everyone.
  11. I hope she wins and she gets a lot of money because only when there’s huge compensation payouts will there be a change.
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  12. *screams internally*
  13. voting Warnock today

  14. This man and I were chatting in line and I thought he was #TeamWarnock then he started going off about how people don’t read books anymore and they’re more trustworthy than online sources and that solar energy is more toxic than fossil fuels and I’m not so sure anymore dd

  15. This man replaced the sorry sack of shit that was Conor Lamb, so PA kind of won twice with both him and Fetterman (three times if you count Summer Lee!). Western PA now has two progressive Dem representatives going into the next session — up from none! Go suck on your daddy’s corporate tit, Conor!
  17. I actually think Dems holding 50 seats in the Senate and the overall disappointing showing for the GOP will crater GOP turnout in the Georgia runoff now. The early voting numbers are crazy (especially those weekend voting stats the GOP tried to kill) and most early voters tend to skew blue so... I think Warnock's got a fighting chance. Plus this Texas/Georgia stuff involving Walker seems to be gaining traction, probably further chilling GOP turnout.
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