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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Should be Georgia or Michigan first. SC is blood red.
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  2. Setting aside the merits of South Carolina as the first state, I'm just happy to never again have to see another redundant, annoying story about the tradition of the Iowa caucus process.
  3. It should be regional:

    West Coast
    Nevada or Arizona

    Michigan or Wisconsin or Minnesota


    New Hampshire

    Gives candidates the chance to prove that they can appeal to all of the different coalitions within the party.

    Only downside to Georgia vs South Carolina is that Georgia is a more expensive media market so you might be biasing candidates who can fundraise better to reach their necessary audiences. The other states are smaller media markets so it'll be easier for grassroots candidates to potentially gain traction.

    Same rationale for Michigan or Wisconsin vs Minnesota.
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  4. Picking South Carolina is insidiously calculated for moderates.
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  5. It seems that it was between Mississipi and South Carolina since they wanted a black-heavy state given the importance of African American voters within the Democratic electorate/coalition. South Carolina won out because it has the infrastructure and experience to run an early primary.

    At least that seems to the rationale as of right now. I'm sure South Carolina rescuing Biden in the 2020 primary is a factor in the decision as well as Clyburn's lobbying.
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  6. Ah, yes, because everyone knows your average young black Democrat is ideologically aligned with the median 50+ South Carolinian voter.
  7. Exactly. That’s why I find it gross and lowkey racist. It’s a very specific Black vote that they’re gonna use to build narratives about multi-racial coalitions etc. And they’re gonna call anyone who questions the weight of the SC vote or the representativeness of the median SC voter racist. They’re institutionalizing the whole Clyburn/Biden vs. Bernie thing from a couple years ago.

    No one state is perfect, but Georgia or Michigan make more sense to me.
  8. Tea.
  9. And no more stupid pork chop photo-ops.
  10. How mellifluous this phrase is.
  11. Can somebody who works for the House leak the taxes already

    like I know it doesn’t matter and nothing matters but do it anyway
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. That pork chop looks delicious tbf
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  14. The fact that Biden has a say in his own primaries… democracy <3
  15. Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi's twitter "exposé" was such a nothingburger'd flop. $44 billion spent to reveal that the Biden campaign asked twitter to remove posts with Hunter Biden's nudes. Apparently the Trump White House also made requests to remove posts, but the free speech warriors don't care about that for some reason.

  16. It's fascinating to watch right-wing libertarians like Taibbi and Greenwald make the case that Dems are authoritarian monsters, while Trump's out there literally calling for the Constitution to be outright abolished and they really can't be bothered to notice.
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  17. I have yet to find a ""libertarian"" who isn't a shill for the entire Republican party platform.
  18. Most of the Libertarians I know are Republicans but don't like the current stigma or whatever of actually labeling themselves that. Or they want to be one of the 'abolish the party binary' people even when they ideologically line up with the MAGAs.
  19. I just remembered Mike Itkis, señor "I'm having sex with a sex worker and uploading it to the web to prove I'm sex-positive," and saw he won less than 600 votes. The lack of impact was real.
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