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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. I know nothing matters anymore but

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  2. Nn fuck. Lots of L’s this week in Tr*mpland. Let’s celebrate that.
  3. And the penalty for all of that is apparently a whopping $1.6 million? That’s barely his Diet Coke budget for the year.
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  4. Jesus Christ. That's ridiculous.
  5. Win is being called for Warnock.
  6. Sorry to be dense, but could Georgians only vote for Warnock or Walker, or could they write someone in? And if they could write someone in, and we find that no candidate crosses 50%, do we have to do this all again, again?
  7. They're the only 2 candidates on the ballot because no one got 50% +1 in November. Whoever gets the most votes tonight wins. It keeps bouncing back and forth now with every drop and certain ballots have until Friday to arrive so it's gonna be a few days.
  8. Thank you!
    I hope the Werewolves remembered to get out the vote.
  9. I had to smile
  10. AP and all the other major outlets have called it for Warnock now. All that's left are votes from blue counties and Warnock is about 1% ahead. Still scary that many people voted for someone who could barely string a coherent sentence together. Now he and Christian can fuck off together.
  11. I know Krysten is seething somewhere.
  12. It’s been called
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  13. 51-49 senate in a midterm is crazy.
  14. Excellent acceptance speech from Warnock. Wonder if he has ambitions beyond Georgia.
  15. Kamala having to show up to tie-break every few months instead of every few weeks... I know she's thrilled.
  16. Warnock is one of our best senators, so he absolutely deserved this
  17. NYT: With Rev. Warnock’s re-election in the books, 2022 is the first midterm since 1934 that the party in power successfully defended every incumbent Senate seat (according to the Democrats’ Senate Majority PAC). His victory also makes him the first Southern Senate Democrat to win re-election since Mary Landrieu of Louisiana did it in 2008.
  18. That’s what Herschel gets for being Team Jacob and not Team Edward. Good riddance you fool.
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