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I really don’t know how this country breaks these cycles of violence. I mean, there’s some obvious pieces of legislation to be done, but the deeper cultural instinct toward violence has become so ingrained over the past 25 years (of course, there’s history that goes back much, much further, but this feels more specific), aided by fear-mongering from the right and some on the left, and I don’t know what tools there are to bring us out of it.
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Being a teacher in this country is emotionally exhausting, three more children dead in their school. It’s hard to keep going sometimes.
I cannot even imagine. Hugs. I fantasize about bringing one of The Founding Fathers™ back from the dead and showing them how their sloppily written second amendment is killing kids. You ever read it? It's not even a proper sentence.
One of the things that always sends me into a spiral is when they interview a student on the scene and you discover that they’ve already lived through another school shooting before that. Trauma piled on top of trauma.

Let alone the Congressperson from that district who puts out a statement that he is just devastated and utterly heartbroken about this, yet had no problem having some of his kids hold assault rifles in their fucking Christmas card family photo the year before last?
Being a teacher in this country is emotionally exhausting, three more children dead in their school. It’s hard to keep going sometimes.
I am so, so sorry. I really can’t fathom it. I have the utmost love and respect for teachers. It was harrowing to grow up knowing my teachers were always prepared to give their lives for our’s because no one was going to protect us in the event of what felt like the inevitable at times. I know it’s not much coming from a silly little pop music forum but I send all my love and hugs to you and your kids.

On another note, I just saw the video of that mother going off on the Fox News broadcast yesterday and it hit me hard. Being a victim of one mass shooting and then trying to visit family in another state and another shooting happens at another school?? You literally can’t go anywhere in this country without ending up in a mass shooting. It feels like walls are closing in and there’s just no way to escape it. This is purgatory.

I’m sorry I don’t have anything positive to say. It’s exhausting and I’m scared. The brain dead are already trying to blame drag queens and the transgender community, doing what they always do to avoid identifying the actual problem. I just don’t know how we even reform this. Sending hugs to everyone today, but especially our American friends here. I hope you all are safe and doing the best you can amid the chaos.
The Chicago mayoral runoff is stressing me out. Paul Vallas, who is basically a republican, is leading in the polls, because of course. More progressive candidate Brandon Johnson is such a better choice though.
We just have a lovely track record of mayors here so am I surprised? No. But disappointed, yes. Hopefully something magically turns around.
I’m no Ally McBeal myself, but wasn’t there a whole thing about some prosecutors quitting because DA Bragg elected not to press charges after being sworn in? I assume one must have uncovered/discovered some very compelling things in the interim to go from “not seeing a case” to “let’s convene a grand jury”?