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I feel like "hundreds of thousands of Americans are getting kicked off of SNAP" is probably more news-worthy than liberals falling into the trap of not believing women when powerful men in their political party get accused of sexual assault.

I know it'll be written off as "being snide", but can we please avoid dipping into "how much I believe you were sexually assaulted is based on your partisan leaning" levels of discourse? The discourse around the Tara Reade accusations have always been the darkest and most disturbing part of the 2020 primary in the way people spoke of if a woman can be believed or not ("she had unpaid bills!") and I genuinely don't think it serves the interests of the party at large for Dem operatives to still be stuck in a 2017, Mueller investigation-style mindset where all ills of America are due to Russian manipulation. Let alone if the things it digs back up are discussions on what kind of lifestyle choices make someone credible enough to have been sexually assaulted. Biden "won" that fight by becoming president. There's no reason to re-litigate an unpalatable case already closed.

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Feels like conservatives are gonna go nuclear this Pride month. Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light-level outrage on steroids for all of June. Can't wait!

Lowkey terrified to march in the SF Pride parade with how the Proud Boys seem to be slowly infiltrating the most random LGBT/LGBT-friendly events in NorCal.
Lowkey terrified to march in the SF Pride parade with how the Proud Boys seem to be slowly infiltrating the most random LGBT/LGBT-friendly events in NorCal.
Yeah, there's been an uptick in neo-Nazi protests at drag events here in O**o. The optimist in me thinks that their presence at large-scale events like Pride would be kind of pointless, since the sheer volume of supporters would drown them out? I guess the scary prospect is someone responding to the bait and all hell breaking loose, but I've been pretty impressed with people's responses to these ku klux chuckleheads so far.
I know jack shit about the details but tea. I feel like it's a manufactured concept purely for political theater bs. (Actually, I think that about money in general nn).
National debt and us selling ours/owning other countries' is stupid. There's no expectation you're getting it back or will ever pay it off so why keep track of it or name a ceiling.
he/him/basic cishomo
I hope we get some fun stuff in the rest of these dystopic years of our American life. Let's get a presidential candidate who runs an album era as their campaign. Without Dr. Luke.

No but seriously I'm done. I declare myself independent of my debts thank you!

Fetterman said he feared, as McCarthy has signaled, a GOP win on the issue could lead to a push for more work requirements down the road.

“I did not agree to these SNAP restrictions, and I won’t give Republicans an opening to try and take food from more food insecure Americans in Farm Bill negotiations later this year,” Fetterman said in a statement after the vote.
Period! Markey, Merkly, Warren, and Sanders all voted no as well.
Maybe also these also rans are counting on Trump going to jail. Or maybe politician egos are just that big. Mike Pence cannot possibly win.