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Fetterman said he feared, as McCarthy has signaled, a GOP win on the issue could lead to a push for more work requirements down the road.

“I did not agree to these SNAP restrictions, and I won’t give Republicans an opening to try and take food from more food insecure Americans in Farm Bill negotiations later this year,” Fetterman said in a statement after the vote.
Period! Markey, Merkly, Warren, and Sanders all voted no as well.
Maybe also these also rans are counting on Trump going to jail. Or maybe politician egos are just that big. Mike Pence cannot possibly win.
Sometimes whenever I feel fucked about NL, espcially politics wise, I just come here to read lots of things I don't understand, but I am glad it's not bad just here, but basically everywhere.
Can someone smart explain to me why “Trump was informed he is a target of the documents investigation” merited topline coverage? Of course he was a fucking target of the documents investigation, he admitted to the crime multiple times!