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Sometimes whenever I feel fucked about NL, espcially politics wise, I just come here to read lots of things I don't understand, but I am glad it's not bad just here, but basically everywhere.
Can someone smart explain to me why “Trump was informed he is a target of the documents investigation” merited topline coverage? Of course he was a fucking target of the documents investigation, he admitted to the crime multiple times!

he/him/basic cishomo

Yergnabethenexpresiden(schwa)theunitedstaTES sends me every time. Serving MAJOR common-man Idaho vernacular for most of it and then her mouth LASER-FOCUSING on that voiceless alveolar plosive that ends "states" like she was speaking to a room full of California Prisons Fundraiser Lunch attendees.
So if a former president uses their pocket pardon to keep themselves from going to jail on federal charges, can he keep using it or is it a one-and-done kind of thing?
This country is fucking insane. This motherfucker has been indicted twice and he'll still be the most likely candidate to the win the nomination of one of the major parties.

Chris Christie is admittedly throwing some pretty impressive shots at Trump, but this dude was all in for Trump when it suited him. He really needs to sit down. I'm tired of these Republicans who suddenly decided they had principles after January 6th.
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