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So if a former president uses their pocket pardon to keep themselves from going to jail on federal charges, can he keep using it or is it a one-and-done kind of thing?
This country is fucking insane. This motherfucker has been indicted twice and he'll still be the most likely candidate to the win the nomination of one of the major parties.

Chris Christie is admittedly throwing some pretty impressive shots at Trump, but this dude was all in for Trump when it suited him. He really needs to sit down. I'm tired of these Republicans who suddenly decided they had principles after January 6th.
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I think I have the worst state justice system? This made my heart race with anger, so just keep scrolling if this stuff affects you significantly, and you're not having the kind of day to deal with it.

So much for real Idaho patriots loving vigilante justice.

I wonder if more Republicans will join the race now that Trump is potentially getting convicted and DeSantis’ debut single is flopping.