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I think I have the worst state justice system? This made my heart race with anger, so just keep scrolling if this stuff affects you significantly, and you're not having the kind of day to deal with it.

So much for real Idaho patriots loving vigilante justice.


I wonder if more Republicans will join the race now that Trump is potentially getting convicted and DeSantis’ debut single is flopping.
He purportedly was going to sell (or possibly did) military secrets (base locations, doxxing spies, nuclear info, etc) to Saudi Arabia.
I had the same question and I just thought he was being stupid and arrogant by moving classified material to his fucking country club but he is a full on traitor and spy, huh? I wonder how the ultra patriotic MAGA base will respond to that.

And I know it's ancient history at this point but the hypocrisy of him saying Hillary should be locked up for using a private email server and then turning around to sell secrets... just insane.
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Gang I come seeking solidarity. Our town council is weighing a measure to ban public drag shows. A huge swath of "SAY "NO" TO KIDS AT DRAG SHOWS!" yard signs have emerged all over the damn town. HOW DO I FUCK WITH THESE PEOPLE EFFECTIVELY?

I see the blank space next to each sign and I am salivating.

Context: I live in a town that, last time I checked, is about 92% Mormon. All the children are not just white, but naturally bleach blond. The Church owns all the liquor licenses so our only bar is Applebee's. City council once hosted an event about the dangers of porn on the family. These people legitimately think they are the Elect and that they have the power of Discernment, there's a sheen over so many of their eyes in public. It's home and it's beautiful, and it's all part of my story, yanno, but when they pull stupid stunts like this... I almost feel a moral imperative?

Anyway. If anyone wants to get a jolly.
It's incredible how this "grooming", "leave children alone" narrative has taken hold. Even people that I would consider level headed are now spewing anti-LGBTQ rhetoric under the guise of "protecting the children". It's like we're back in the 50s with this moral panic.

I think they feel more vindicated in it now because there is more straws for them to grasp at than I feel like there used to be. Back in the day it was like "Gays are turning kids gay" and it was like "Okay... how?", and there wasn't really any clear "evidence" from their side aside from like... I don't know, Will & Grace being on television or something. But now there are trans kids transitioning and there are drag queen story times and all ages drag shows -- so these things have been twisted into being wrong and harmful and perverse.
It feels dreadful because I don't see their hate for these things going away any time soon so long as these things aren't banned by them. It's going to be a long road ahead.
It boggles my mind when the supposedly religious people get on their high horse about protecting children. I want to just scream Warren Jeffs or Theodore McCarrick at them, the call is coming from inside the house!!

And of course, if protecting children was really your priority, you would probably try to address the leading cause of death in children, which in the United States is… firearms oops never mind!!!
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I-95 is the lifeblood of the Northeast corridor, possibly the entire East Coast of the US. This will take months to get operational again…

I am so sorry to you hunties who need to use that route. Fuck. It's things like this that make me take a step back and think, "Good God, how is anything functioning for as long as it has?"

Hope those involved in the accident are okay too.