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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. The fact that the the Red + Toss-Ups equals 270 exactly...
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Wether it’s a Political Mardi Gras celebration or a slow motion car crash, I’m gonna be sitting here poppin’ my corn.

  4. Seeing the way Kelly is lashing McSally, I don’t buy that Arizona is a tossup.
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  5. I mean, this isn't exactly the series finale of Game of Thrones and will affect real people with real lives either way, but you do you sis
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  6. I think I’m more excited to see what Republican sacrifices we take out.

    The Dream is McConnell but obviously unlikely, but throwing Susan Collins on the fire heap would be DELICIOUS!
  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Don't treat an election that is life or death for millions of Americans like a soap opera episode, please.
  8. Spoiler alert:

    It's death :/
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  9. Not treating it like a soap opera, I’m genuinely fascinated to see what happens. Levity is needed for the most stressful US election....ever?
  10. Your hatred for America is getting weird.
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  11. and non-americans living in the country
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  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    There's a difference between tasteful levity and an outright lack of taste.
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  13. Aren't you Scottish?

    You've posted "LOL fuck America!" so many times in the last four years that I've lost count, and as an American, I don't appreciate that at all. I may be more disillusioned with the United States right now than I've been...probably ever, and yes, levity is important in times as stressful and tumultuous as these, but read the room. The anxiety in this country is suffocating right now and I fail to see how treating this election as a spectator sport, like it's something that doesn't have far-reaching effects regardless of outcome, helps to alleviate that in any way.
  14. If Biden wins Arizona it'll probably be because of Kelly ddd
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  15. People are actually taking this election seriously more so than 2016 and it's because with everything going on we are all stressed the fuck out, so yeah it's like read the fucking room. It's like did we just miss the past week of almost everyone dog walking Kanye West and his fuckery? Do you want to be thrashed all over this thread as it's just begun as well?
  16. The Kasich thing is so gross. Like, I don't care that he's endorsing Biden, just like I didn't care Rogan endorsed Bernie, but Dems are such bad faith hypocrites. They don't actually care about socially conservative or politically incorrect views. They simply hate certain types of people. It's inherently classist and elitist.
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  17. I don’t hate America at all. I love America. But I also find it’s political battles absolutely fascinating. And American politics is all about Theatre. It’s the way it’s presented and consumed. It’s baked into the cake.

    And it’s fascinating that when I’m in the US politics thread rallying for people to vote for Biden because it’s life and death, Where was this energy when I was debating with Sanctuary and the girls of them voting this election because of fears of a Trump win influencing policies and marganilizing the poor and the ramifications of Trump winning again?

    Instead I’m told it doesn’t matter who wins because both parties are the same but now being told not to joke because it’s important who wins.
  18. Sis, no matter how many times the US electoral system is explained to you, you don't get it, so just give it up

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  19. Just post less and read more.

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  20. That's...literally not what's happening. People are telling you that there are very serious and potentially life-threatening ramifications for hundreds of millions of people regardless of who wins the election and thus it's a little weird to see someone who is mostly immune to those ramifications treating our fears and our lives like it's some kind of event to sit back and watch while eating popcorn. Read the fucking room, girl.
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