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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. @Sanctuary next time if you're REALLY about that life.
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  2. He's already being dog walked like Pongo and Purdy I don't think he's that stupid.
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  3. I’m not immune to this sis, with the fucking NHS potentially on the line and eating maggot infested fruit and slime washed meat or whatever the fuck. No fucking Ma’am.

    Plus funnily enough, I’m strongly Anti-Children in cages, anti racism, anti Trump. I want the fuckers all gone too.
  4. I just want my disabled mother to have vision and dental so the last 5 or so years I have left with her are ones she gets to spend living dignified.
  5. RJF


    It's almost as if there's nuance you refuse to understand.

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  6. Because there’s nuance to this that you’re not getting. Both candidates are awful and a lot of us feel like harm reduction isn’t productive. Others feel different.

    That doesn’t mean that the state of US politics is some theater show just because some of us think Biden is just as rancid as Trump. Your attitude towards these very real issues that affect millions of people is extremely flippant and it comes off as belittling.

    Like, seeing you post shit to the tune of “HAHA AMERICA DESERVES TRUMP MAYBE THEY ALL DESERVE TO DIE FROM CORONA BECAUSE THEY’RE SO STUPID!” is extremely aggravating. My dad died because he couldn’t afford the proper care and medications that he needed, even with assistance. He got those health issues partially because he spent so much time being stressed the fuck out over the fact that my mom was dying of cancer and we couldn’t pay for her treatments because her work health insurance stopped covering her.

    Trump wasn’t the cause of this and Biden won’t be the end of this. This shit is hurting real people and you continuously act like it doesn’t. Try listening.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    @superglowy has been issued a three day thread ban. He's on thin ice.

    Carry on.
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  8. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Adding to this; nobody is being forced to like the U.S., but we will expect basic human decency and consideration for fellow posters, and thread bans will be issued in case someone crosses that line.

    Just leaving this warning here, since it seems like people need to be reminded of it every other week.
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  9. :( <3
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  10. Someone mentioned anxiety on this thread, and I cannot stress that enough. It's so funny how engaged my coworkers were prior to the 2016 election (we literally worked with the Hillary campaign, don't ask!), only to see them disappear off our Resist slack channel one by one shortly after the election. In the meantime my immigrant ass stayed obsessed with Twitter for 4 years, trying to find comfort in any leads that could end this administration. It's been 4 years of daily attacks on any sense of justice for the people in this country, and while I had way bigger expectations for what the DNC response would be this year, I am just holding on to Biden winning as a last resort to put a band aid on this endless nightmare.

    If Trump wins I seriously have to reevaluate my whole life, I don't think I can take 4 more years of this, but at the same time I now have a family in this country that I can't just take away with me.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom @Sanctuary !! My thoughts are with you
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  11. I had my work performance review two weeks ago and my boss asked about my future in the journalism industry. I told her a lot was riding on November because the last 5 years have been a slog to make it through and Trump is going to make life even worse for journalists if he wins, and I'm not sure I want to put up with it anymore

  12. Um what the hell
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  13. @strangekin @CaliDevotion thank you.

    I do want to mention that I hope it's clear my intentions aren't to ever weaponize suffering against anyone. I believe no one is acting with ill intent and don't want to come across as so either.

    It's actually terribly uncomfortable to reveal personal things. The idea of incidentally centering myself makes me cringe. I don't really want to draw attention to my life, but feel the need to speak on the kind of experiences I've had and have in the hope speaking on it can one day change it.

    I can't ignore how my mom had to be deathly sick from Hep C for it to finally be deemed necessary she have healthcare in her 40s, or how she only got on Harvoni because she was willing to be part of a clinical trial that waived the $1k/pill cost Gilead put on it or how even after all of this, the damage done to her liver is still progressing into severe cirrhosis and how a former addict on disability isn't ever going to be truly seen as an ideal candidate for a new liver.

    It sometimes feels so pointless given how stacked the cards are and how generational that pain feels. My heart hurts knowing the shame my mom feels being poor all of her life. It hurts knowing you can follow all the rules set up by those on top to even get just the slightest crumb more and it all just feel too late and not enough and that fate's already determined. It's so humiliating to know you'd do anything to move mountains and still move nothing. That upward mobility doesn't exist and there's not an ounce of care from the top. None of these people want to make people's lives easier. Kamala's "Medicare For All" plan wanted to privatize even more of Medicare, like....

    Even when I feel so privileged compared to those I love and those around me, so much of my existence has been inherently shaped by being working class - and that's not to suggest my experience is anymore important than ones shaped by race or gender or both or both and class - to where it feels insulting to be scolded on the importance of voting but then the same voices treat politics as entertainment. So many of us are just pleasing to finally be heard for once.


    Anyway, the news regarding Michael is awful to hear.
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  14. So... Like... I know there is really a very high bar to clear when it comes to being shocked and surprised at anything Trump says or does at this point but

    This tweet... literally sounds like a parody account wrote it.
  15. Pretty sure he said last month that he believed some people were wearing masks solely to express their disapproval of him?
    (Although I suppose if I’m wearing a mask because I don’t want to get sick or cause anyone else to get sick, I am basically saying that I don’t buy into any of his dipshit talking points.)
    Also what an evolution from TWO months ago when he retweeted this:
  16. The three biggest things that pulled me left were my mother's failing health (every couple of months we go to the hospital for a few days and she goes to dialysis three days a week and has been for some years now,) @Sanctuary's screeds and honestly, wanting to be a piece of shit to my old conservative church congregation. love being antagonistic in real life.

    But I did want to say, telling people my story, like I have often here concerning policies Trump has actively enacted helped people, deep in the heart of Texas Lake County, Florida, to see past the "culture war" of it all. @Sanctuary, it may feel cringe to draw attention but matter of fact life experiences do more to show people the cost of policies. So, thank you for sharing. I know it is a stressful burden and I honestly don't know how many years I have left with my mom as she has become a passive entity in her own health, but we're with you and want the best.
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  17. TW: White Male Aggression

    the amount of space she occupies in these people’s heads rent-free while getting them steam-pressed....

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  18. Not the Rethugs all piling on Liz Cheney today fgksjndfg

    Get ha
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