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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. I was watching parts of the Chris Wallace interview the other night and had a striking yet obvious realization Trump is actually our President. Like what the actual fuck.
  2. The same thing happened to me last night. When you have to confront the reality that this man bragging about passing a cognitive test is somehow the one in charge, it's... a real mindfuck.
  3. If y’all have time you really should watch the whole thing. It’s insane, probably the most damaging interview he’s done since he launched his campaign. Who expected this from Faux News?
  4. That's probably why he was more relaxed and expecting to be edited
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  5. My favorite part of that Chris Wallace interview is when he asks Trump how he'll look back on his time as president and he cluelessly accepts the premise of the question in his answer.

    The premise of course being that his time as president is nearly over.
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  6. I thought this was edited but I went and looked at her Instagram story and it’s real...queen behavior. She really is one of our only shining lights of hope in these dark times.
  7. I love her because she's a genuine person. I mean, there are a lot of old grumpy men in politics who are genuinely old grumpy men - but they do a lot of stuff to try to appeal to their voters with the way they act and the policies they push... AOC just is a real person who is fighting for what she believes in and I really just admire that about her, as well as her just living her life like how a 30 year old woman should be living her life (And just so happens to also be a congresswoman)
  8. I also love AOC cause she's really good at social media and always actually fights back to the bullshit and corruption and awfulness of the Republicans. Trump and McConnell are out here being the worst people of all time every day and most of the 'traditional' democrats just either say nothing or say they are 'concerned'.
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  9. I love AOC but her mentions are an absolute mess whenever she tweets and I can barely stand to scroll. For whatever reason she gets people extremely riled.
  10. We're fucked. The fact Repubs are most concerned with passing a corporate liability shield so sick workers can't sue corporations. Makes my blood boil.

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  11. what kind of MSNBC wet dream

  12. $100 a week [​IMG]
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  13. What a fucking ally. I'm so proud to have voted for him.
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  14. I was like "Ah well, a 400 a week bonus will still be nice" then I read the second tweet and yelled.
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  15. I wasn't exactly hopeful or optimistic about what their plan was going to be in the first place, but this is genuinely infuriating and I'm gonna need someone to dog-walk these people publicly for even suggesting it. Who the fuck does that help?
  16. Apparently this is Trump-speak for “Don’t flip on me and I’ll be sure to repay your loyalties later”... I guess he said something similar to Stone and maybe Manafort if I recall?
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  17. I honestly do not understand why politicians of any party are not eager to score the political win of giving away money in the middle of a pandemic recession.
  18. It just goes to show how much they truly abhor the idea of unemployed and/or poor people having money.
  19. Because that money has to be somehow collected from a funding source which is almost always rich people through increased taxation and they are the main class for which both political parties largely serve.

    The system doesn’t just want you to hate poor people for the sake of hating poor people, but wants you to hate poor people so you never support the idea of massively transferring wealth from one group to another.
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