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Not to steal @fancygreen 's brand but


But you did steal it, and once I'm done fending off a lawsuit from my business partner for being miffed I made a shoddy beauty blender without him, while I simultaneously sue drama channel Without a Crystal Ball who will soon be Without a Livelihood, me and my oversized Seattle coffee table amethyst planet are coming for you.



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They couldn’t even get this pig out I...

Sad result but it doesn’t surprise me. A working class district with the lowest economic mobility in all of New Jersey. Seems to be a continued weakness for dems.

I don’t know how New Jersey draws is districts but the north west portion sits just outside of what you could start to consider a Philly suburb.
Acknowledging that both women are incredible and this shouldn't matter at all, but low key upset that the inaugural balls probably won't happen because I want to see Kamala and Jill show out!