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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

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  2. There won't be any investigations then because the GOP literally have fuck all evidence. The only person they wheeled out at the Four Season fiasco was a convicted sex offender.
  3. Another 2018 freshman bites the dust.

  4. Let me add a good one to counter act these bad vibes

  5. Blessing this page.
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  6. Teebs I think Trump is just trying to wring as much money out of his followers like the grifter he is, and people like Giuliani are going along with it cause they desperately want pardons they know Joe and Kopmalegend ain’t gonna give.
  7. It's actually a good thing when a Bloomberg-funded Blue Dog loses!

    @Harley Rouda
    Bye Pumpkin!
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  8. I signed up for text alerts from the Trump campaign after a Pride event with Tiffany was coming to town that seemingly you could only get details on via the text club. But I can tell you the Trump campaign is hungry for cash, the texts begging for contributions are nearly hourly, and it took what a day for Jill Stein to raise enough for a recount? This feels like they’re milking every penny they can.
  9. Why?
  10. I was morbidly curious about the Pride event happening in my city.
  11. No one:

    People licking Joe and Kamala's boots:

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  12. That was fast haha

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  13. I'm highly skeptical of this, can't a Republican just change their party affiliation the day before the appointment, then flip back to Republican the day after they're sworn in? Can't the Governor also just appoint the most conservative person of the same party they could possibly find? Why not just make the appointee have to be approved by both chambers? Democrats won't be losing the insane supermajorities they have in either chamber for the foreseeable future, why bother playing so nice?

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  14. I love that Trump's team is really covering all their bases... They're saying this election was rigged and that Trump really won.
    But they're also floating the idea of running again in 2024... therefore admitting that they know he did not win this election.
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  15. So, yes, but a special election has to be called (they can easily amend the time if needed) and Charlie Baker would not want to fuck over his popularity for a short term appointment that would be rejected and not pay off. I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, though. He’ll probably just pick Joe Kennedy.
  16. I was snooping for Kamala's stepson and

    the chest

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  17. is all he has.
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  18. I hate admitting this, but U.S. coverage of election issues, especially GOP response to Trump’s loss is just so much more nuanced than U.K. coverage. I love the Guardian, but some days, I just can’t deal with the borderline sensational/ reductive headlines.
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