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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. ddd
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  2. This is why any arguments about keeping Confederate monuments up for history's sake are dangerous. The Right is and always will actively work to rewrite history in their favor. Cut out any semblance of Confederacy glorification and they have less to stand on.

  3. Cotton saying the 1619 project is an example of liberal indoctrination in schools and is rewriting history... the worms
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  4. So I usually just flat out ignore everything concerning interviews with the man because he's so fucking dumb but this time I watched the Chris Wallace interview in full and I really just want to weep. Y'all really weren't lying at how awful it was and it truly exposed him, although he needs no help with that with the constant barrage of awfulness.

    Also, his turnaround on Corona is a joke. He's still not committing to any true narrative and keeps talking out both sides of his mouth all because it's a patch job to try and save his numbers. Thankfully most people now just don't trust anything coming from him or this administration anymore. Even his fascist hard on of riding into big cities around the country with his secret police is getting major pushback and I truly am glad that a lot of people are finally waking up.
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  5. Someboy

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    The logic of thinking sending federal agents into major blue cities will score points, when the right has spent the past forty years telling suburbia to not care about major blue cities.

  6. dddd the fact that Michael Moore went on a virulent homophobe's show to *praise* Biden as "the real deal" and is met with... this. It makes not voting for Biden so easy and freeing knowing these types of sycophants were always going to hate you anyway.

  7. Karen Bass is white
  8. The fact I considered working for Center for American Progress at one point.

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  9. dlkfjdlskjfjj
  10. So to clarify, the $600 additional unemployment insurance ends next Friday, and they're nowhere near a new deal as it stands, correct? We won't have seen a health and economic disaster in our lifetimes like it if they don't renew it. What happens when people can't use the money to pay their healthcare insurance premiums? And rent? And buy food?

    Moscow Mitch can get fucked with $100 a week.
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  11. Correct but I really hope they enjoyed their two week recess at the beginning of this month. I can't eye roll hard enough.
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  12. Sounds like Republicans are fighting amongst each other (classic fiscal conservatives vs. populists I guess) and Dems are...doing nothing.

    The last I heard we’re getting a corporate liability shield (so workers can’t sue their employer if they get sick because of working conditions), $1.5bil for schools (which DeVos will probably embezzle), more PPP loans (which were disastrous and had zero oversight), somewhere around $100 on top of “regular” unemployment (so, [edit:] $500 less a week than the first bill), and maybe another $1200 for people making up to 40k (first bill was up to 100k). Also a Social Security cut is on the table, as is a corporate payroll tax cut.

    So, we’re fucked.
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  13. Well, this won't backfire.
  14. I think I'll most enjoy watching all those republican senators and representatives who knew Trump was a disaster for the GOP but didn't speak out and instead went along with it all thinking he was going to get a second term and be good for their careers gettinge demolished in the upcoming cycles of elections. I mean even the handful of moderates who did distance themselves from Trump will lose because electorates don't make those distinctions at the ballot box, but at least they might have some semblance of credibility and self-respect left.

    I mean the likes of McCain and Romney were not exactly Presidents you'd be thrilled to get if you had a choice, but it's incredible how distant that GOP is from this particularly monstrous incarnation. Hard to see how that party recovers in the near future after what is hopefully a well deserved demolition.
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  15. John McCain wanted to commit genocide against the people of Iran to 'save' them.
  16. Yes, that's kind of my point. He was fairly horrific (some of his words and actions, particularly in later years prior to his death have seemingly led some people to just sanitise parts of his extremely worrying record) and yet he still manages to seem a less psychotic GOP option than Trump.

    The fact that you look back at people like McCain and Romney and think 'gosh, remember when the Republicans were at least a serious outfit putting forward someone with a semblance of superficial credibility' (even if I'd never vote for them under any circumstances I can think of) speaks volumes about where they are now.

    I genuinely think that if Trump stands and gets absolutely walloped, with long time red states swinging Blue, and those results filter through down-ballot, the Republican Party could completely impload. And I would absolutely be here for it. Probably the only Trump legacy I'd be onboard with.
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  17. Don't mean to double post but YAS Hanna.

  18. ddd I don't know, sis, I think we're going to have to agree-to-disagree! I'd love to root out conservatism as an ideology, but I worry that just destroying the Republican party as a vehicle will be less an action of wiping out conservatism and more-so allowing it to find a new home in the Democratic Party.

    The fact that Democrats are already dropping the ball for Hispanic voter outreach in Florida, the only hugely Hispanic state that Biden actually won Hispanic voters in, because they don't consider them a priority is concerning on top of a myriad of other issues.
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