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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Hopefully he expires soon after he leaves in January.
  2. Are people in those countries really getting that??? Nn fuck.
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  3. We got 100 euro per person, once!
    I got a bit more since I'm a self-employed contractor, but still nowhere near that.
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  5. tea


    Not sure where that number is from, Canadians who applied were getting $2000/mo from Mar. 15 - Sep. 27 (earned min $5000 last year, did not quit job voluntarily/income reduced by 50%). After Sep. 27, $1800/mo (for those who don't qualify for EI, incrementally reduced based on % income, must not refuse work, only eligible for 26 weeks of year).
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  6. Truly if anyone deserves to d*e...
  8. Yeah, as a German I am also not sure where that number is coming from. Is he referring to "normal" unemployment benefits (which depend on the last salary before unemployment)? Or perhaps he's referring to the Kurzarbeitergeld? We have a system where, if your employer doesn't have enough work for you, he can reduce your hours and the government pays for part of the difference in your income. I.e., you work 50% of your hours, your employer pays for 50% of the hours, but on your paycheck you receive 67% of your normal wages. Due to Corona, this has been increased to 70%-80%.
    But it's not like there's a system where right now you'd just get 7000 bucks.
  9. Ddd maybe exact numbers isn't the point
  10. UK: click here to find your nearest food bank!!!
  11. Which I get, but these are...very high numbers.
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  12. Ireland is giving people affected by the pandemic up to €1200 a month. It’s still not massive money but at least it’s consistent.
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  13. The fact that some conservative girls over here have used the 1200$ to paint Trump as an effective leader who doesn't get bogged down by all the burocracy you have to go through in Italy to get the benefits...

    Almost as if all government measures under neoliberalism are irredeemably shit.

  14. Just .... why?
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  15. Iconic

  16. It's very telling when you see politicians support someone who has murdered people in the streets.
    Like dang, really jealous you arent out there doing it yourself, huh Anthony?
  17. jtm


    I mean, also:

    So.. abortion is murder, but actual murderers should go to congress? I know he‘s probably just pandering to his base because I refuse to believe that someone could be that fucking stupid.
  18. I mean, they're nuts. How could anyone not see that?


  19. If we went in another direction.
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