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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Yaaaaas kill each other!!!!
  2. Wait the growth on display

  3. I was literally just about this ddd

    We’re in a fucking pandemic where tens of millions of people have been kicked off their insurance.

    just pass fucking M4A.
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  4. That would mean gutting the private health insurance and pharmaceutical industries in the USA. That won’t happen since pretty much all members of Congress are bought by those industries.
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  5. Let's be real, Biden isn't going to suddenly become a Medicare For All convert, but I still think it's great that these delegates are going to put the pressure on. As Angela Davis said, one of the (few) advantages of Biden over Trump is that he's more likely to be open to pressure from the left, so why wait until he's in office to start that pressure? It might bring the "national conversation" on healthcare back to the forefront and let Dems see how popular the program actually is when it's fully understood.

    I also don't buy that putting this pressure on Biden is somehow going to split the party and prevent him from winning in November. There might be some heartburn on the way to November, but if Biden is smart [eeehhhm... no comment] he'll leverage that pressure on him to show that he's willing to listen by offering further concessions on healthcare or related systems that impact the working class. Is that in anyway as meaningful as true healthcare reform? No, of course not, but maybe the goal post will be moved further left before he's even in office.
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  6. $5 that he calls single payer dirty commie malarkey before November though, just to hedge all bets.
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  7. What a cunt
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  8. I feel like the Biden campaign is testing the waters with potential VP picks. Various people on the shortlist have been trending all day thanks to different leaks to the press.
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  9. The way I’ve gone from being a solid Democrat in February to now considering registering as an independent.....man fuck this party.
  10. dddd if I could I would smack the taste out of Jeff Weaver's mouth for his "Bernie is going to suspend but we can still get enough delegates to have a say in the platform" bullshit.
  11. The way the Democratic party hates poor people and loves losing, whew.
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  12. I've never smoked Marijuana ever, and I don't see how THEY don't see there's a clear public consensus that it should be legalized at the federal level. But then I guess that's what happens when the politicians are also the 1%.
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  13. They've gone all in for the suburban whites. They're lowkey what I expected Republicans to become.
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  14. Byeeeeeeee
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  15. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    “MoSt PROgresIvE plaTform in dddEmoCRatic HIStorY!”
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  16. Can’t trust Fauci, but
  17. Wow
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