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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Long thread but worth reading. This bill is a serve???
  2. If this doesn’t shake Democrats the fuck up, then they are truly fucking morons.

    This whole ‘Reach across the aisle/My Republican friends/Lets work together’ weak spines bullshit.

    The president sent a terrorist group to ASSASSINATE you and you’re gonna pretend to get along with a party that is arguing against that the man that tried to get you all killed should be impeached. REALLY?!?
  3. Tea.
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  4. “Conservative voices are being silenced” say all the Republicans, unaware that statistically most people on social media are, in fact, conservatives.
  5. THIS IS SO FUCKING FUCKED UP. Not surprising but still, Jesus Christ.
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  6. Jesus some of these people can barely make it up to speak, they really need to bring in an age limit or term limit. I think I read some states do have term limits?
  7. The people of the US are in favour of term limits for Congress, its Congress themselves who would probably never pass it (at least not until the old people are out).
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  8. SBK


    You'd think this would be the perfect opportunity and timing for the GOP to distance themselves and move on from the embarrassment of trumps presidency.

    But they obviously just don't want "Republican President removed from office" on the history books.
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  9. This is literally Jeanetta Grace Susan.

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  10. Why are our lives in the hands of so many absolutely terrifying people???

    I feel like I've been holding my breath for months.
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  11. The people who are refusing to impeach Trump for incitement are probably the same ones who would’ve voted to impeach Clinton for lying about having sex.
  12. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    There is an irony that Margarine is from Georgia, the newest purple state that flipped the Senate, perhaps illustrating the diversion of media and neocon and neoliberal influence on different sects of the American people and the effects of it.

    But maybe we save that for another day.
  13. I was old enough to be aware at the time, but too young to really understand what's going on, but I never really liked seeing people use Clinton's impeachment to contrast against Trump's impeachment because I feel like every ignores the major power inequality between Clinton and his intern? Not a shot at you, but I just feel like democrats really minimize what he did. I mean, I doubt Republicans were using this in good faith, but... you know. If my take on this is wrong then anyone feel free to tell me I guess. Different situation than Trump anyway though.
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  14. This utter wackadoo I swear. She is a circus performer, clownery is her field.
  15. Steny Hoyer has been in office since 1981...see the earlier retirement posts etc etc. Most of us weren't even born. Wild.
  16. Sigh to all of it.

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  17. R92


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