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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Margarine really thought she did something in her latest Twitter rant.
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  2. Someone finally said it ddd...
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  3. Would stripping the committee of its exclusivity be a bad thing? Or was that a way to remain on the committee? I don't get it nn.
  4. Is Trump really prepping a pardon for... Lil Wayne? Now his endorsement makes sense.
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  5. I think Porter's a glorified liberal but the replies underneath this from neolibs are so cancerous ddd. People thinking questioning the structure of something inherently bureaucratic and averse to change as *committee panels* is disrespectful.... It's all just brain rot. Government stans really think the average American is an overly enthused polisci major prepping for student government. 99.9% of Americans don't care if a politician "properly learns the ropes" (majority of Americans hate politicians flat out dddd). They want tangible results.

    The more I understand how the government's beauracratic processes work, the worse of a person I know I am for caring about it It's all such meaningless theater that can't justify its existence to most people.
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  7. We deserve a pardon... Gurl, please.
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  8. Yeah, sorry, I'm probably being thick here, but I don't quite understand what exactly Porter was trying to achieve and what Waters was so opposed to? I guess I don't understand the minutia of congressional committees and what "exclusivity" means.
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  9. Oo yes this was cold hard facts.

    Here's his page:
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  10. There's rules about which kind and how many committees a person can join in Congress.
    Right now Porter is on the Oversight Committee, and wanted to join the Natural Resources and Financial Services Committees as well.
    In order to join an "exclusive committee" like Financial Services, you have to give up everything else except the Budget and House Administration committees.
    You can get a waiver from the party's steering committee (led by Nancy Pelosi) that allows you to serve on additional committees, but Porter's waiver request was rejected.

    Those above are all facts, so here's the spot where I can only conjecture:
    Katie Porter requested her waiver, but then also moved to strip the committee of its "exclusive" status.
    Stripping the committee of "exclusive" status like that is a big move that should involve the Chair (Maxine Waters), but Porter left her out.
    So Katie Porter is undermining Maxine Waters' leadership by not involving her, while also undermining the steering committee's waiver system by trying multiple avenues in case she was rejected.
    It would've worked out fine if either strategy was successful, but since neither was all Porter did was annoy multiple people including Nancy Pelosi.
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  11. At the same time an honest thank you for the thorough explanation, but also...not exactly political thriller material that's going on there.
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