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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. I haven't received this much life from a republican video since a news report announcing *rump had Covid.
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  2. I can't believe we finally made it to this point. I know the bar is low but Jesus Christ we did it Joe we did it.
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  3. I lol'd
  4. The devil works hard, but capitalists work harder!
  6. I’d go with ILLIBERAL TEARS just for the LOLz.
  7. All new furnishings sponsored by Fenty Home.
  8. "Why did you have to ruin my Inauguration Day joy by mentioning Marco Rubio?"

    Living for Ana Navarro on CNN.

  9. What a literal dumpster fire the past four years were.
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  10. Anyone wanting to dive deep into the insanity that is the QAnon movement should check out this (rather long) article. It's fascinating stuff, and honestly, seeing the fallout from nothing they believed coming true is quite tasty.
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  11. I was trying to figure out what the crying woman in that TikTok meant with all the stuff about the American flag, and I realized that she was probably referring to the state flag that was behind Biden...in Delaware...where he was giving a speech about the state...yesterday.
  12. Ha! Good catch. I love that she’s begging Jesus as if he hadn’t warned her already. She must’ve been “sick” on the day they taught about worshiping false idols at Sunday school.
  13. This article is wild and QAnon is somehow even MORE deranged than I realized?? Thanks for posting, as it was an entertaining mess to go on a deep dive. The amount of mental gymnastics these dangerous people have to constantly put themselves through...
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  14. I'm so happy that Joe and Kamala are now POTUS and VPOTUS, my American family are ecstatic, but my Trump loving cousin on my Dad's side isn't happy, well, he can seethe all he wants.
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