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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Politico could just be preparing a site change for every potential pick but published hers on accident. Apparently she's the frontrunner, though, which still seems disastrous to me.
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  2. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Wasn’t there a big hit piece on her with quotes from Chris Dodd, who’s apparently spear-heading the vetting process? It seemed like a signal to Team Kamala that she won’t get it.

    And the Politico thing was just a site error, come on. They have one of those prepped for every candidate.
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  3. Not the Biden campaign having its very own Yahoo! Music ANTi moment!
  4. It was Chris Dodd fighting for Karen Bass, saying he thought Kamala was fake and phony.

    Though they're all doing hit pieces on each other and planting stories.
    Someone claimed to one outlet that Susan Rice is apparently the top pick at the moment, which would probably be the funniest and worst choice Biden could make besides picking Hillary herself.
  5. Choosing Susan Rice would be a fascinating way to shoot himself in the foot. Just based on that, I believe it.
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  6. I think it’s gonna be Bass - a safe choice that attracts little to no negative attention. Kamala and Susan are the opposite of that
  7. The fact that his top 4 includes Susan Rice and two cops.

    The fact that his Top 2 would have been Amy and Gretchen if Amy being directly connected to George Floyd's death and Michigan handling COVID-19 poorly didn't knock both out.

    Since I love chaos, I would love for someone to hack the Biden campaign and release whatever emails what Amy was promised for dropping out and which was snatched from her dreams in the blink of an eye.
  8. Yeah, this isn't unusual. Sort of like how obituaries of popular figures are prepared way ahead of time. I'm sure one's been written for RBG for 10+ years.
  9. And it has to get updated weekly, trust me.

    One of the most fascinating times in my career was sitting in monthly calls for a major outlet deciding who to prepare obits for.
  10. Is Warren still considered a likely possibility for VP at this point?
  11. No. His top four are all black women.

    Kamala Harris
    Karen Bass
    Susan Rice

    I think the 4th is Val Demings but I could be misremembering and it instead be Keisha Lance Bottoms.
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  12. How would we feel about Bass?

    Honest question, I don’t much about her background.
  13. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I admit I don't know enough about her history and politics to make a critical judgment on Bass as a choice. I'm sure there are others in this thread who can do that part much better than I.

    Simply on the perception of things... If the Biden campaign's modus operandi is essentially, "Do No Harm," and they plan to stick to it until November, then an experienced Congresswoman seems like a logical choice.

    Other than Obama himself, I can't think of a bigger boogeyman for the Right to emerge from the Obama administration than Susan Rice. I mean, she's essentially the Fox News choice. It would be a baffling pick for someone who's up double digits nationally, and approaching a double digit lead in some swing states. I don't think Kamala would have the same effect of motivating the opposition, but her own tragicomic campaign doesn't inspire confidence. There's no way Keisha Lance Bottoms is it; a man who's about to 80 in the presidency, and a young mayor with zero experience in federal government a heartbeat behind him? That sort of does away with the Biden messaging of, "Just trust me to be competent for four years, and then you kids can fight about Medicare For All!"

    Everything about Biden from the beginning has been predictable, I expect this choice will be too.
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  14. I just checked the report again and the 4th woman is not Bottoms.

    It is Demings, whose time as a police chief includes this:
  15. Literally thought Keisha Lance Bottoms
    was some local drag queen and you all were being facetious. Suddenly the Kelendria is me.
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  16. Well it seems like the non uniformed agents have arrived in New York, so fucked up.

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  17. I understand that the racism has always been there but just to see it out there, in real time...

    November feels like a long time away.
  18. This reply made me scream a biT

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