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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Is there going to be any from of live fact-checking?
  2. I am voting early in person in a few weeks. We did have no excuse needed absentee voting for the primary in August but the TN Supreme Court threw that decision out so now it's back to excuse required and fear of catching covid is not a valid reason anymore.
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  4. Hope all my enthusiastic Biden voters are sending some coin to bail funds today after protests last night!
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. *Whoopi voice* “America, girl, you in danger!”
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  7. Not looking forward to the debates. Trump is full of lies and just likes to slap around insults and whatnot. And Biden does not seem capable of countering that effectively and clearly. We shall see.
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  8. It doesn't help that Chris fucking Wallace is the first moderator. He was a nightmare on Hillary - can't imagine he'll be any easier on Biden.
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  9. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I've always thought a series of Trump / Biden debates would be an unmitigated disaster with no winners, but here we are. I imagine it'll be like the interrogation scene in The Dark Knight if you aged the actors forty years.
  10. Is there an audience? I feel like dead silence will be so awkward for Trump.
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  11. At the very least, Wallace seems to have had a particular knack this year in letting Trump dig his own grave in interviews and make some of his more superfluous gaffes. Hopefully we'll get some of those at least which may help.

    That being said, I'm sure that also goes the other way...
  12. I'm just hoping that Biden can speak coherently enough to counter Trump. Biden's an older man and I can forgive a bit of his stumbling - but Trump will absolutely mock him at any moment he can if Biden starts tripping on what he's going to say or starts delivering half sentences. Trump's a bully. Biden can't let himself be bullied like that.
  13. Very disappointing from AOC...

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  14. Is anyone really that surprised? I think she's a good person who wants to genuinely make changes, but she says and does a lot of dumb stuff.
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  15. Not to be the poll binch discussing them constantly but this is hilarious coming from Fox only for them to be broadcast while Trump is hopefully watching.
  16. @Artemisia FUCK Kelly Loeffler. Matt Gaetz trying to tank her is quite delicious though
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  17. lmfao she is so desperate to advance to the runoff. It’s so funny how Kemp appointed her thinking she’d appeal to the Atlanta suburbs only for her to enter a competition with Collins for most deranged conservative/biggest Trump sycophant.

    But tbh now that she’s made this her brand, I’ll be happy to see her advance. I think Warnock’s chances against her are better at this point.
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  18. Are you allowed to post pornography on here?
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