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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Venn diagram of people who think long grocery store lines are proof communism doesn't work and people who think rolling blackouts are in no way indicative of capitalism having any issues whatsoever
  2. WHEW, what a shitshow of a week. I liked this tweet, though.

  3. I am truly in awe of her. What a wonderful and pure human being. We are so fucking lucky to have her.
  4. Seriously adore her and what Beto did to raise money and the phone bank he had running definitely saved some people's lives but it's so upsetting how many people have died and suffered through this. A little boy in my hometown died from hypothermia. Like, that shouldn't be happening.

    I've just been having fun trolling people on my facebook who are mad at others for mocking/hating on Fled Cruz for leaving in the middle of a crisis. It's helped restore my sanity after this last week.

    Luckily, I was only without power for about 36 hours and got hot water back a few days ago but I have friends and coworkers who don't have power or water STILL and it's been nearly a week and, yes, they live in less affluent areas of Houston (I live in a shitty apartment near the Galleria so I'm fairly lucky in that aspect). But, still, my apartment was getting close to being in the 30's inside before power was restored on Tuesday.
  5. Ali is back to promoting violence and voting conspiracies even after the insurrection. He said he would fight any attempts to arrest him
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  6. I get not fucking with Fetterman due him chasing down a black jogger (several progressives in the state over the last few weeks had apparently been advocating for Summer Lee to throw her bid into the race), but alleged progressives throwing their support to Kenyatta is so.... unsurprisingly cynical

    There is something I've noticed in how careerism, personal interests, and the paternalism in grass-tops leadership of groups like the Working Families Party seem to manifest in a politick that ensures it is compatible - not hostile - to establishment politics. Warren the Reformer over Bernie the Critical. Usher unsure or skeptic people into the Democratic party, not away from it, etc. (This is also why so many who want to make professional inroads into the party for personal gain have awful foreign policy as far-right foreign policy is completely bipartisan in the US and you gotta talk the talk to be allowed to walk the walk).

    Kenyatta doesn't support Medicare For All. He mocked Sanders as unserious for thinking we have too large a presence in the world at large. And this is the "progressive" left-libs and the like have decided is the chosen one to go for a seat a Republican will likely win anyway? God.
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  7. The Fetterman shotgun thing is absolutely not great for optics, but as a mayor of a small town he basically was the local police force (still not an excuse, but it does better explain the action). I commend him for going on record in 2013 saying he was “not above the law” and has continued to bring it up for every statewide race and has never attempted to bury it.

    Kenyatta not only has a major lack of experience, but he is a fraud progressive. He threw all of his weight behind Biden all the way back in 2019 and, as @Sanctuary kindly just shared, is a major Hillary surrogate. He has announced his campaign with no policy platform to support it. It’s an obvious ploy by the DNC to stop Fetterman and get whatever centrist ghoul decides to get in the race *glares at Conor Lamb*.

    Meanwhile, John has systematically helped and uplifted the Black community at every turn during his political career and long before any of these issues were in the mainstream.
    And with big results, too.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. This is the future liberals want.

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  10. I went to college with Malcolm and genuinely think he's well-meaning and certainly not "unhinged," but ... yeah, total Hillary surrogate and seems to have let his own media hype go to his head. As for the WFP endorsement, I perceive that more as a Philadelphia endorsement than a Malcolm one, since the party has had so much momentum in the city since Kendra Brooks' city council win.

    When he announced I was honestly just surprised he made the age requirement. Ddddd (And he barely does, at that.)
  11. Yeah, I've seen people over the last few days talk about how Fetterman has spent a decade building a rapport and respect with black voters in his area while mayor and that he won re-election even after the 2013 incident.

    One criticism of mayoral races is how few participate and I'd be hypocritical if I didn't acknowledge how I took issue with Buttigieg citing his mayoral wins as evidence the city supported him, but there is space between South Bend being 25% black and Braddock being 70% black. He wasn't mayor of a town with a black community - his town is majority black.

    I understand though any black people hesitant to support Fetterman. This whole thing is more notable to me to see 1) the kind of people who call themselves progressives yet rush to uplift an establishment choice in Kenyatta and 2) the operations of the WFP itself and what it all means when looking back on 2020.

    It's wild that WFP got a bunch of Warren Dems to give money to a politician who just last year was calling Warren a "hypocritical millionaire" because she dared to criticize Obama. Funny how Kenyatta's team rushed to delete that Warren tweet yet left up the Bernie bashing.

    WFP framed many of their actions as wanting to get things done through candidates who had higher chances of winning, but in regards to this race.. wouldn't the person to win at the state-level already.. be the safest bet? None of these little satellite orgs ushering progressives into the party can hold Dems accountable when they want to be arms of the Democrats ddd.
  12. [​IMG]

    Now sis....
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  13. I would call that misguided or naive, but not unhinged. "Unhinged" just seems more like a character attack that isn't all that productive.

  14. This is 17-tweet thread of him yelling at Nina Turner about how Bernie losing was why she was "downplaying foreign attacks on our country" because she said that Russiagate wasn't a key issue to many voters in places like where she's from (polls would go on to prove her right).

    I'm not invested enough to want to character attack a state senator from PA, especially when much of the support he's getting will leave him and split if Conor Lamb runs. I co-sign that his tweets talking about foreign policy are removed from reality because his tweets are conspiratorial and based on propaganda. In the same way I do any Russiagate dead-ender, sis.
  15. He's doing an awkward tango of both placating and trolling, yes. I still wouldn't call that unhinged.

    Anyway. I don't support him, so moot point. It's a shame though; I would like to see someone young, queer and Black in the Senate finally. I just wish it was someone more qualified. (And/or principled.)
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  16. Nn not to pick at bones here because you basically summed it up perfectly, but I have to add that Fetterman spent his time as mayor not only saving housing for black residents, but using his own money / time / effort to renovate and build new housing for low income black residents while Pete was literally demolishing BLOCKS of Black housing in South Bend. (Not to mention all the other systematically awful things he did that harmed the Black community as mayor). We see who got immediately elevated in Biden’s admin.

    And as you said, if any black people are uncomfortable with Fetterman they have every right to be. But I fear this will just be yet another thing that white liberals will attempt to yell over Black voices while completely ignoring the fact that their party continues to elevate people who are actually currently harming the Black community. If we get a better progressive in the race, I’m all in — but I think John will be the best (and only) shot at getting a progressive in a PA senate seat.
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