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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Can Australian journalists moderate U.S. debates because, whew, this took me places.

  2. That was...glorious.
  3. Leigh Sales is amazing but unfortunately not representative of Australian journalism at all, unfortunately.
  4. Ddd @drewsky @Artemisia y’all see Lieberman’s petulant threads refusing to drop out.

    Well Obama just came out and endorsed Warnock so good luck making that runoff you speak of.
  5. He is fully melting down ddd. I can’t wait to see his reaction to the Obama endorsement.
  6. Normally I hate the party flexing its muscle in the primary to crowd out candidates but seeing destruction and ruin brought to the entire Lieberman house is my kink xo
  7. It appears Fox News successfully argued everything they spew is bullshit and no one should listen to it in getting the McDougal lawsuit against Tucker Carlson dismissed. Trash
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  9. I can't stop thinking about the fact that The Truman Show was shot in Matt Gaetz's house.

  10. So if they get their 6-3 majority, is that really it? Should Dems try and impeach Barr now to stop the nomination, or commit to packing the court if they win, or neither? All the options seem awful, I am so confused.
  11. They'll just have to add more seats to the court if we win because there's not much else that can be done right now unless two other GOP senators flip (maybe even just one if we win Arizona). They could easily turn this into Democrats attack mother of 7 (yes, 7!) or whatever bullshit propaganda the alt-right creates if they take a similar approach like they did with Kavanaugh. It'll be better for D's to just press health care / abortion / civil / LGBTQ rights are all on the docket and use the GOP are hypocrites for stealing another seat narrative. They can also expose how she is apart of that cult group that is trying to make the US a theocracy and hammer that.
  12. Or like... what if we just built another country where we could make the rules we wanted and have less fucked-up systems. I’m feeling seditious today I guess.
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  13. *whispers* Bernie's plan about rotating judges after 8 or so years was the best SC reform plan during the primary.
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  14. I don’t get the impeachment strategy, why would a House proceeding stall Senate hearings on a SCOTUS nomination? Seems like packing the court is the only option, which I doubt Dems will ever do, they’re kinda allergic to anything that would shake the table [​IMG]

    The only upside here is that most people are against filling the seat now and the GOP doing so will likely hurt them in November.
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  15. Sigh. I like that proposal.
  16. Tea.

    Plus they’re hearing another ACA case the week after the election? Disaster.

    On a slightly related note, a friend of mine with HIV (has insurance through work) has a friend who has had a HIV diagnosis for around 6 months. The friend has no insurance, Obamacare is too expensive, he’s had the rebate from Gilead so no more subsidies, and so now my friend is contemplating sharing his pills and taking turns taking ARVs with his friend to keep them both alive. My friend was sharing this story like it was normal on the phone and I really had to hide my tears. What a fucking system. Why did the Dems have to fall in line behind Joe.
  17. Have we all given up on a Democratic supermajority passing right-to-an-abortion legislation or
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. I feel like for the first time packing the court is a realistic option? I've heard a lot of moderate-ish Dems talking about it in recent days and honestly like what's the other option? It's either that or lose abortion rights, LGBT rights, workers rights, ACA etc... The Republicans literally stole Garland's seat so it doesn't even seem that unreasonable really. Democrats need to start fighting...it's already really hard for them to win the Senate due to rural bias.

    (Of course them even winning the Senate back is a big maybe right now)
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