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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Well I’m not really talking about those ddd. It’s mainly just disappointing to see literally no spurs out to stuff like Boise or Billings.

    But 95% of this isn’t going to happen anyway so
  2. What did I think about Biden's new plan?

    Well, his tax increases were shit;
    His funding proposals to stop climate catastrophe were shit:
    What Amtrak said they'd do with his funding was shit.

    So you know.... He's shit.
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  3. I mean Amtrak has been doing feasibility studies on most of the enhancements / extensions for the past decade and as I said before, most of those lines already exist and are in use today.
  4. jtm


    Well I actually think the plan is great. Left wants more, center wants less, Republicans want nothing at all. Sounds like a good compromise and I wish them the best of luck even though this will be very hard to get through.
  5. Yeah I’m happy about it, too, especially given practical considerations.
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  6. Let me grumble in my mountain town a bit!
  7. I've taken Amtrak west from Kansas City for a trip in the Rockies and it was a MISERABLE experience. The train was constantly starting and stopping to pick up people, never really hit full speed, and took significantly longer than a flight would have.

    I think it's an antiquated system and I get Joe wants to expand the service he used to go back and forth for *looks at routes* 1:15h back home to Delaware for ~nostalgia~ but I'd rather the money be spent on helping states develop better, faster, more energy efficient mass transit systems than a damn train
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  8. jtm


    It needs a bit of both though doesn‘t it? Mass transit in the cities but also (ideally high speed but for lack of that regular) rail service between them.
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  9. Seems like most of the expansion is local/regional, which seems like a decent idea. I wonder if people would actually travel by train instead of car though.
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  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I'd kill to have a route from Chicago to Madison and Rockford so let me live my French vanilla fantasy and think about how this will convenience me.
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  11. Feels like a compromise fallacy to suggest $275b a year was somehow a smart or intellectual middle between $0 a year (Republicans) and $1t a year (progressives), no?
  12. jtm


    Depends - if that‘s what it takes to actually make it happen then maybe it is a smart / intellectual middle. Don‘t get me wrong, I‘m all for raising taxes on the rich even more to put even more stuff in this program but maybe realistically the doable stuff is not even halfway to what I would want. And that‘s.. fine because that‘s the way it is.
  13. The $1T a year pushed by progressives is the lower-end figure needed to completely revitalize and reinvent our infrastructure in any meaningful way to stop our rapidly accelerating rush to climate catastrophe.
  14. jtm


    I don‘t disagree, I just don‘t think it (or the current proposal) has any chance of passing.
  15. How much of the new lines on that rail map would rely on state governments though? Because the high-speed rail connecting Ohio's major cities has been talked about for years, but I can't imagine it ever happening under a Republican-controlled state government. Not to mention this country's interstate highway system has destroyed a lot of cities' potential for rail expansion.

    I'm really just expecting absolutely nothing to get accomplished in the next 4 years dd
  16. tea


    Shit that government is taking solutions that solve crises like climate change and wealth inequality and negotiates them down. What should be the bare minimum becomes a distant goal to bargain towards. Nothing will get fixed this way.
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  17. Throw him under the bus Repubs!

  18. Not CashApp! I’m sorry but I am so invested in seeing Gaetz get exposed.
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  20. I know sex scandals involving elected officials isn’t at all new or uncommon, but this Gaetz story feels uniquely wild. It’s insane that someone with his national profile would be sloppy enough to leave behind an incriminating trail involving CashApp payments.
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