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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. He is repulsive and I can't wait to witness his downfall. He is not just devoid of morals, but incredibly stupid also.

    The signs were pretty obvious.....


    Matt Gaetz, Now Under DOJ Investigation, Was Lone Vote Against Human Trafficking Bill in 2017


  2. "I would never say that. Paris is my friend"
  3. Fuck them both xox. One's a centrist in a "swing" state that's pretty much blue, and the other is an alleged sexual assaulter.

    Vote for Jennifer Carroll Foy Lee Carter
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  4. Some good news:

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  5. the-worst-person-you-know-just-made-a-good-point.jpg
  6. Great piece in the LA Times on the insanity of the K-Hive:

  7. Imagine being that passionate about the VP...
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  8. I always use the yellow heart emoji and I refuse to let them hijack it

  9. Why does she think that she is qualified to run? And as a Republican? Wild.
  10. So this was a pre-run exposure boost? Ddd
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  11. Ooh this is just getting better and better!
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  12. Matt is so damn stupid I hope he brings other people on his way down
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  13. Gaetz-gate update:

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  14. This douche just cannot shut up.
  15. Let him keep running that mouth.
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