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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Dems are just so useless:

  2. I can't even handle what's going on in Israel right now.
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  3. tea


    I wish people (and especially media that spreads this dangerous narrative in the first place) wouldn't immediately imply both sides are equal and turn anti-Israel sentiment into an anti-Semitism thing... or call for "funding to help Israel fight evil" ffs. It's so misleading and it limits and muddies the discussion, to say the least.

    Like it wasn't some deserted plain that was built into Israel with later Israelis dividing and turning into the "israel-palestine conflict" today, Palestine was a whole ass country that was taken by force and now Palestinians are second-class citizens without basic human rights, sold to US military to experiment on, and exposed to daily violence, oppression, surveillance, and lacking food/water/shelter and more. It has nothing to do with the "freedoms" of religion and everything to do with settler-colonialism, globalization, capitalism, poverty, and police-states.

    The U.S. can save their "calls for de-escalation" when their hands are just as bloody. Maybe stop funding the Israeli military first. Maybe if people weren't living in such poor living conditions they wouldn't be so upset.
  4. I deeply resent the conflation of Israel and jewishness (?). Not saying you are doing it, just agreeing with your point about the broader discourse. It actually find it anti-semitic since it flattens the Jewish experience, and all for the benefit of the Christian right.
  5. It's a tale as old as time unfortunately. Israel continues its illegal settlements and civilian bombing and the world does nothing. What has happened to Palestine since 1948 is truly shocking, but as long as the US continues to support Israel unconditionally, sending them massive amounts of aid and vetoing any UN resolutions against them, I just don't see how anything will fundamentally change. It's just awful.

    The only little ray of light is that some of the more progressive Democrats are finally speaking out against Israel, after decades of blind support. But it's not enough.
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  6. tea


    Yeah that's a good point - thats where it spirals into anti-Semitism quickly. Maybe that's one way the argument turns into a debate on anti-Semitism and how the right misinterpreting the left(?)

    It's bleak for sure. People are resilient though so I hold on to a (maybe naive) hope that people will never stop fighting and Palestine will see justice.
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  7. Wow I thought Liz Cheney was the gay one this whole time. And that Dick was dead nn.
  8. Thank you Republicans for engaging in cancel culture!
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  9. The situation in the Middle East is really bleak. I come from a tiny country that is still suffering from the collateral damage of this situation with millions of Palestinians refugees and a civil war that lasted 15 years. My parents immigrated to London back in 1990 and it's sad to see that nothing has changed and that everyone got accustomed to this status quo.
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  10. I’m so angry and feel so helpless at this. They’re live tweeting their genocide because nobody will do anything about it.

    Biden said last night he’s optimistic about a ceasefire or some other bullshit. Wtf is happening right now.
  11. This was entirely Israel's fault and doing.
  12. At this point, the only moral answer is Israel joining Rhodesia as a historical relic of the past yet the only thing keeping the country afloat is the billions of US taxpayer dollars pumped into it.
  13. I feel like this might be a "do your own research" moment, but I figured you probably would put it more succinctly. Why are we doing this? Like, what does the US stand to gain here?

    Exposing my ignorance a bit!
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  14. I may be putting my foot in my mouth, but it always occurred to me that Israel essentially became a vessel for the US to project unto and have a major presence in the Middle East to posture against the military industrial complex's perceived enemies (countries with oil).
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  16. A. The job is up for grabs in 2022
    B. You sleep with the devil, you get burn't
    C. Jen is actually doing an amazing job, so she was a very wise choice
    D. You ain't getting the job now
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