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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. I've criticized her for poor foreign policy judgements in the past, but I can only thank her for holding the line on this matter along with the rest of the Squad.

    US politicians speaking like this feels paradigm-shifting.
  2. I can't get Rashida Tlaib's speech the other day out of my mind.

    (And I was very pleasantly surprised to see Ayanna Pressley be far more critical of Israel.)
  3. Meanwhile:

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  5. Thank you for doing the lord’s work @nooniebao - truly.
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  6. Val Demings joins congresswoman Stephanie Murphy in the Democratic primary to challenge Marco Rubio.

  7. Predictably, it looks like there won’t be a lot of pressure from House leadership for Biden to change his posture re: Israel & Palestine.

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  8. And nothing will come out of it
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  9. I'll get dragged for this later nn but I actually think he listens to other people more than most past Presidents.
  10. His behaviour the last 5 months would’ve been radically different if that was the case. I still think what he’s done so far hasn’t been sufficient considering the multiple domestic and global catastrophes the US is currently involved in.

  11. Oh?
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  12. To be fair, listening more than most past presidents is a pretty low bar.
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  13. Plus this from yesterday. He is without conscience.

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  14. It was a careful choice of words for that reason nn. I do think he's willing to allow alternative views on the table. Whether he agrees or acts on them (and whose views he acts on)...well, y'all shared the links!
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  15. nobody moved
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