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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. In an ideal situation I think a mile tax on electric vehicles would be the best compromise. That way we could raise the gas tax over the next decade or so as electric vehicles become more popular to encourage more people to switch. Though I'm sure it would just end up being a disaster and electric vehicles will still be too expensive for people to buy and then people would be stuck footing a higher tax.
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  2. My loose grip on reality slips further and further each time I think of the different world we would be in if Bernie was president as he deserves to be.
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  3. Raising the gas tax shouldn’t be on the table unless the federal government plans on heavily subsidizing electric vehicles. It’ll just be another attack on the poor.
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  4. Still don't know who I'm voting for mayor tomorrow.
  5. This shit is exactly what makes me feel powerless

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  6. You could just be quiet Barack

    (back to brunch)
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  7. God I can't fucking stand him anymore. This past weekend with the Juneteenth coverage I saw just a piece of an (old?) interview where he praised the younger generation amidst the George Floyd protests. Where the fuck was that energy during Ferguson? Two-faced.
  8. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    To be fair, so does Stacey Abrams, who whether rightly or wrongly has assumed the role of the country’s leading voting rights activist on the left. It’s not a progressive’s dream, by most measures, but there are a few good things that people on the left have wanted for a long time in the compromise bill.
  9. Making needing photo ID a national requirement to vote is horrifically classist and will just make tons of poor people not bother even more with voting that they already don't do, but I've long accepted Democrats made it clear when they coronated Clinton in 2016 that they're not interested in poor people's votes.
  10. Every statement he's made post-Presidency has woken me up to how much of a fraud he is. The optimism I felt being a teenager under his Presidency had me pursuing a Poli Sci degree at one point. It was easy to blame the Republicans for everything going wrong back then but his administration was just... Incompetent at best, and just as malicious as every other one at worst.

    We're really fucked as a country. The conversation of people disappearing from this thread & going back to brunch has been funny. For me, I just feel hopeless so I'm trying to pay more attention to what's going on around me right now nn. Sleepy Joe has done a few good things but all the awful shit that's continuing under his Presidency along with the sheer incompetence of the Democratic Party has me feeling more disillusioned than ever. I'm continuing to support progressive candidates and hoping for the best, but it's hard to stay positive at this point.
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  11. they got you so tired you’re willing to compromise for less. Like, it’s unreal, you can’t call yourself a democracy and make it hard for people to vote, any person.

    Election Day should be a Sunday, or a holiday, everyone should be automatically enrolled, there should be no gerrymandering, and there should be no lines to vote ever. Anything less than that is a compromise to democracy.
  12. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    My post wasn’t a “Go team!” cheer for the Dems; I worked in a Social Services office for three years, I’m all too familiar with the issues that people without ID’s confront daily.

    The only purpose of my comment was noting that this particular compromise, regardless of quality, has garnered broad support. I haven’t read an updated as of today version, but last week it included making Election Day a holiday, automatic registration, and an end to partisan gerrymandering, which have been long term goals of the left. I wasn’t shilling for Obama.
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  13. They will likely fail to get 10 Republican votes for the compromise bill, and the Overton window on voting rights and campaign finance reform will have shifted to the right in the process of said failure.

    They might pass a horrible compromise bill for infrastructure but it’ll result in like privatized highways and for-profit water management systems all over the country (cartoonishly dystopian) and Democrats will be dragged over hot coals for the next decade.

    I tune out for weeks at a time but things never get any less bleak and dire when I tune back in dd
  14. My point was that the support for it is broad only amongst politicians or the privileged, and that the point of Democrats going all-in on this compromise is not to bring disillusioned voters into the fold, but block attempts by the GOP to disenfranchise voters who Democrats already consider a reliable base, ie: making Election Day a federal holiday will more likely help well-off voters who work in corporate offices that take off, while many retail workers, for example, must work regardless of the federal holiday designation.

    It's also uncomfortable that the one issue that Democrats are fighting to make sure gets done is the one that directly impacts their jobs and ensures they continue to get paid while continually breaking promises from living wages to student debt forgiveness to stimulus checks.

    I never said you were "shilling". I'm simply pointing out that any optimism doesn't align with the facts.
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  15. This is my fear. Basically made Dems contradict and neuter the message they've been peddling for years.
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