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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    A little funny whenever this thread circles back to Trump’s often-accurate political commentary. I feel like he (and the world) would have lived a much happier life if he just had a primetime show on Fox.
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  2. I've defended her during some questionable moments but this is so...

    This country is so humiliating.
  3. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Why has she ingrained herself more in celebrity politics this year? Was there a personnel change in her office that’s encouraged her to do more of this stuff?
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  4. It gets worse…

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  5. FFFFFFFFFFF Wait this is iconically terrible

    "We NEED more working class women of color at the event where rich people raise money for other rich people!!!!"

    We're truly fucked.
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  6. K94


    C'mon cognitive dissonance couture!
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    "Celebrity politician" is such a limp flex but go off sis.
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  8. I posted then deleted but I’m positing again… I don’t really get the big issue here? Can someone explain to me? Is it that it’s tacky? I mean, obviously we would all agree with the sentiment…
  9. It's the optics of wearing that dress to event full of people who paid several thousand dollars to eat some vegan food and watch Justin Bieber moan-squawk through a performance.
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  10. There are fair critiques to have with what AOC does or doesn’t do in Congress, especially how she capitulates to Dem leadership—the looming standoff over the reconciliation and bipartisan infrastructure bills will be very telling—but coming for her because she attended an event that benefits a cultural institution with public ties to the city she represents feels silly.

    But yes, the dress itself was tacky.
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  11. The recall against Newsom in California appears to have failed.

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  12. While the prospect of Governor Caitlyn Jenner rambling about cancel culture for 2 years while the legislature ensures she can't do anything would be funny, it's for the best. The morally corrupt Gavin Newsom wins again.
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  13. Democratic turnout in California is shockingly strong. 2022 will be interesting for sure.
  14. AOC being a bit cringey is hardly shocking, I think stan culture has invaded politics a bitsy too much and it’s for the best if we leave behind the worship of individual politicians and keep electing lefties no matter how lame they can sometimes be.
  15. The only cringe thing about AOC in that incident is that her sanitizing "Eat the Rich" into "Tax the Rich" is part of a greater shift of sanitizing her """opposition""" to the Establishment (a word which she hasn't tweeted in nearly 2 years). It comes off as insulting because the platitude feels at odd with her actions. If she was actually dedicated to taxing the rich, I'd imagine she'd be making more of an issue of the conservative Dems trying to gut the funding for the reconciliation package.

    This isn't an AOC 'thing' though. Bernie is extremely cringe and embarrassing, as well, continuously singing Pelosi & Schumer's praises in hopes of remaining in their good sides while we already know whose side they will take between Bernie calling the $3.5T total the floor and Manchin calling it the ceiling.
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