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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. tea


    This. It speaks to a larger issue of left/anti-capitalist movements being neutered by (often well-intentioned) people trying to enact change through working within the very establishment theyre trying to tear down, and thus are bound to the terms said establishment allows for change ("just vote!").
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  2. Thank God. This whole ordeal was so pathetic.
  3. I'm sorta ignorant on this subject, but politicians basically pocket that money, no? Like, my understanding is the money's technically for their campaign but it's quite easy to use on personal expenses/as personal income in practice.
  4. In the US, yeah. You guys have very lax campaign finance laws to put It lightly.

  5. The ACLU has been fighting the administration over this for months to screams from centrists that they just "needed to give him more time to get immigration under control". Good for them and fuck Biden for continuing this horrific practice his entire presidency despite campaigning to Haitian communities and others that he'd end it.

  6. What's this going to look like next year
  7. He ruined his chance at statewide office during his useless run for president when he advocated for gun control.

    So, it’ll be nothing more than a money pit for people to throw money at instead of races that actually matter
  8. Remember when his weird ass stabbed all his progressive young supporters in the back by walking back his support of Medicare For All and attacking his supporters' 2nd choice candidate? I wish him an ounce of luck!
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  10. And she’s dating a member of the obscenely wealthy Bronfman family.
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  11. Travel with the EU is finally being reinstated for vaccinated people. Might actually see my family for Christmas after two years home.
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  12. I'll admit I'm not really paying attention because everything is so procedural-heavy at the moment, but wow, they're all useless.
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