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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. I'm...so tired.

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  2. I'm reading about Bass and she seems like the best choice out of the options. Public university-educated, community organizer, physician assistant, relatively friendly to Cuba, voted for the recent defense cut. She doesn't have a long voting track record, which might be a good thing.

    The only choice worse than Susan Rice would be Hillary nn.
  3. Nn he is desperate for the suburban vote. Their internal polling must be a wreck.
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  4. Damn, what a shame. Terrible news
    that he didn't get tested positive after

  5. krrhrjhrejenwk poor Brenda
  6. Centrists trying to smear Rashida as an antisemite only for the person they want to take her down to be undone by connections Louis Farrakhan, whew! Justice is sweet.
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  8. A photog got pics of Biden's notepad that had talking points about Harris on it. One literally said “Do not hold grudges"

    She IS his VP pick, no one else is on that sheet

  9. He wrote that because he was at a presser and was going to be asked about the Chris Dodd leak calling her disloyal.
  10. Yeah that’s how I interpreted it too, at the time it was one of the big stories of the day
  11. I don’t think it’s a done deal, but I still think she’s the most likely choice unfortunately.
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  12. I thought Subarban Lifestyle Dream was the name of Lana’s next album
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  13. Scream. I have no idea about the tea with Lana lately...I need to catch up.
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  14. That pandering crap for the suburbs is insane coming from him, the way he is just spiralling.
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  15. Yeah, awfully low frequency on that dog whistle.
  16. He’s gonna try delay the election...

    Welp the slide to fascism continues
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  17. Anything to distract from the fact his poor COVID-19 response cratered the economy 33% in Q2. He tweeted it as soon as the economic report dropped
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  18. This is so unsurprising, he's been casting doubt upon mail voting for a while now.

    There is no chance whatsoever he will go quietly in November. He will cry voter fraud and refuse to concede. Constitutional crisis incoming.
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