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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Nn Minneapolis kept the same shitty mayor, passed a measure to increase his authority, rejected restructuring the police department and the far left city council got replaced by mostly moderates I am going to SCREAM.
  2. Still holding out hope that after absentee ballots are counted in the next week or so, Prop 1 passes in NY and Republicans can be all-but gerrymandered out of existence in the state.
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  3. Well, that's my recurring "should I move back home?" thought destroyed in one post.
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  4. 2022 is going to be a bloodbath, literally, red everywhere.
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  5. New Jersey down to a <0.1% difference (just under 1700 votes) with 87% reporting.
  6. The fact that Virginia has tightened up…that idiot should have forcefully come out against this CRT nonsense that Youngkin went to town with instead of letting it fester like it has. Also it was a mistake that he said parents shouldn’t decide what schools should teach (he’s totally right for obvious reasons but he totally didn’t know how to handle it the right way) cause that’s playing with fire and white working class women handed him his ass by over 50 points from the data that is coming in.
  7. He should have done anything other than just solely talk about Trump for the entire campaign trail. Fucking idiot. I hope all the other gov / senate races are taking note because that is not it.
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  8. I also fully blame Manchin and Sinema for completely fucking us with the filibuster rules and gutting the reconciliation package. Dems are a mess, but they are by far and wide the main culprits.
  9. Democrats continuing to ignore the middle class and alienating progressives didn't work? I could not believe it. They will learn exactly nothing from this and will continue to desperately beg the Boomer gals to accept and approve of them while young people stop voting entirely because the system is poison.
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  10. I’m gonna scream if this asshole loses his seat. Fuck Republicans but it’s what he deserves.
  11. Phil is now 6k votes ahead, I’m glad he’s gonna eek out a win because I think he’s been one of the most underrated Democratic governors this side of 2016.
  12. What a fucking disaster lol

    My pessimism going *airplane emoji*
  13. Him and Wolf really are the two most progressive governors in the country, which is surprising considering they are both governors of mid-atlantic states. Glad he's gonna get another term.
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  14. PA & NJ being allied for once instead of arguing over who has worse drivers? We love to see it!
  15. Murphy's lead bas extended to 7k votes per CNN.

    Still fearful things can flip but:

    I'm just so....angry.

  16. I had no idea that New Jersey flips as much as it does and this is something out of the norm. The political whiplash of going from one party to the next every two-four years is so nauseating, no wonder old people are hateful as fuck.
  17. Let me laugh at the KHive's derangement at least.

    Edit: Speaking of white women, it's...apparently about class. But this will be completely missed or ignored.

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  18. Honestly this might've been worth it just to see KHive twitter implode. I wish them nothing but the worst.
  19. @sexercise the pundits are trying already to claim that the GOP did well with "blue collar" voters yet Murphy got hit hardest in places like Hunterdon and Monmouth. I'm sick of this shit dddd.

  20. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The complete lack of surprise I have for Virginia.

    When 2022 is even worse because of the Dem's inability to whip the party into a unified front:

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