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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Thanks for that.
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  2. Yeah, my cousin is in North Carolina, not even the research triangle or whatever. I expect it in New York or San Francisco (still doesn’t make it right, but it’s not shocking), but not rando NC.
  3. *Cries in Washington DC rent*

    My friend/co-worker's lease is up in a less gentrified part of the city and even his rent was jacked up 40% so now they're moving.

    I don't know enough about economics but I just feel like property companies are going to keep getting away with this because housing is a necessary expense that people will spend their income on. And, at least in DC, between the property companies and NIMBYs it doesn't really feel like our city council is doing anything substantial enough to address the issue.

    Basically, this issue particularly is starting to kind of scare me.
  4. You got to wonder what the tipping point is where change actually comes. Republicans doing some evil shit, meanwhile democrats are like "Let's put the issue on the ballot, We'll fix things if you vote for us! That'll show everyone you want these changes!" then they win the election and do nothing and delay it all until the next election. It's all broken. If the people in charge don't fix shit, who can?
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  5. The energy here really captures the toxic suburban wine mom the Democratic party fashions itself after nn

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  6. Rents are completely made up. There is literally no logic. Discussing or debating the problem is almost a waste of time as a result. I say regulate the fuck out of it, or abolish private property altogether nn.

    I’m also convinced like 30-50% of possible housing in San Francisco is unoccupied and off market. I have two observations/hunches. One, landlords are holding off on renting apartments in order to exploit increased demand—real or not—when everyone returns to the office—again, real or not. Two, tech companies are basically subsidizing—directly or indirectly—short term rentals. They’ll put you up in an Airbnb for free, artificially inflating the market and driving landlords to scramble to the platforms. There are more available Airbnbs than apartments here.

    I’m rambling, but the underlying problem is that housing has become a profit and wealth-generating venture. That needs to end.
  7. Rick Carusola is giving me a chuckle. There's his Drag Race name sorted then!
  8. City councils aren’t regulating the housing market because they want developers to keep building high-rises / luxury condos.
  9. A bit ironic that a society where fewer and fewer can afford a home demonizes countries who expropriate unused properties to give people publicly-owned homes.

    Sounds almost like you're told something's bad so you yourself won't want it.
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  10. Her story and heroism is both wild and infuriating that it even needed to come to her having to do this. Police are useless and were more concerned with stopping her than stopping the shooter. And yet all of them get to keep their jobs even though they're utter failures. Why.
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  11. Ah, so police can prevent murders from happening when they are aimed at far right extremists.
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  12. I keep wondering how stuff like this doesn't happen more often (see also: ted cruz being spotted at airports and restaurants). It seems like no one wants to assassinate anymore!
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  13. Marianne ended Katy
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  14. I guess it's time for the Kavanaugh family to buy an AR-15 each to carry around their house.
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  15. so is anybody watching
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  16. I feel nauseated from the footage of the storming. The 1st-person angle on much of it was so anxiety-inducing.
  17. While I understand the significance of holding the hearings and entering all of this into the historical record… unless Merrick Garland shows up on the final day with handcuffs and warrants, it just feels so futile.
  18. Nick Quested: "The hotel was not as satisfactory as I had hoped."

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