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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Yes, it’s real, and does have a couple of uses in the economy, which is why central banks typically aim for 2% inflation. Small price rises help ease friction in goods, services, money and labour markets.

    But, also yes, companies are cheeky bastards who will use rising inflation as an excuse to hike prices beyond their costs. It’s almost like governments don’t regulate the market economy properly or something??
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  2. The more importation question is that, while yes, inflation is often naturally occurring (as in prices will have to reflexively rise in response to costs - though we're seeing objectively that price increases here are beyond cost and result in record profits), is what is causing those increased costs also naturally occurring?

    The imperialist girls giggled and gagged over the OPEC nations single-handedly destroying the value of Venezuela's main export and sending the country into never-before-seen hyper-inflation, but now we're sat here with sanctions on Russian oil backfiring and OPEC nations introducing cuts to rates both contributing to global inflation on gas and energy, that also then impacts a myriad of other industries where elements of production are heavily reliant on gas.

    Calling it "Putin's Price Hike" isn't going to convince the Midwest mother of two that somehow not being able to afford driving to work anymore is fine and okay.

  3. Fetterman is absolutely crushing Oz in early polling. Oz's unfavorables are horrendous 28/50 (favorable/unfavorable).....nn even Biden's are better at 43/53.

    Terrified for Shapiro, though he has great favorables while Mastriano does not. He needs to stop running on "save democracy" and actually talk about his (popular) record and policies.
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  4. There isn’t really much that can be done, especially in the short term. Which is why the most you see Bernie and Warren doing is blaming greedy corporations for raising prices in an inflationary environment.

    Price controls will only make shortages worse.
  5. Wait, the Christian Walker is that guy’s son???? Wow. It all makes sense.
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  6. I can’t believe Christian is the one he chose to claim.
  7. The only thing I’d caution is I think Oz, like Trump, is probably suffering in polling due to voter embarrassment, where people don’t like to admit they’re going to vote for a certain person. See also the LA mayoral race where Caruso came in much higher than expected.
  8. If only those voters would take a beat and think about what causes them to feel that way!

  9. [​IMG]
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  10. elloelle 〜 crocodile tears unity foreverrrr
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  11. Josh Shapiro pushing Mastriano ads teas
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  12. @Sanctuary apsjlsksksls I didn’t even see his mention in the article till now ddd
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  13. Sitting next to these white f*gs in Palm Springs who are lamenting that no one is in the middle anymore. I’m internally combusting.
  14. girl you think these cigs would know by now

    literally everyone is in the middle these days
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