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It's always "We have to win the next election, the alternative is frightening" but then when they do win an election, they still drone strike innocent people, go back on promises, and avoid implementing any majorly popular position. Everything stays stagnant and then they pull the "Well vote for us again and your vote will show you want these things and then we'll do them" and then they don't do them. Or a Republican wins, makes things worse and we take two steps back and democrats winning only bringing us one step forward. If the dems want a leg to stand on, they're going to have to do more than poorly compromise and get nothing done.
Ddd, Krystal kinda got on Bill’s bad side in the previous segment when she made the point Jan 6 hearings aren’t actively solving anything for everyday people and wouldn’t let it go, and she didn’t let up. It was kind of amazing, but one thing I will say for Bill is he’s one of very, very few who would give her such a big (HBO) platform. And I know this thread is pretty tired of Krystal-talk, but it’s funny she pushed back so hard on Maher, but the most she’ll do to Saagar is roll her eyes. I don’t know if it’s because she genuinely likes Saagar as a person, or feels limited in that they’re so tied together as a business and brand they can’t risk a real fight, or some combination of the two.
So question for Constitutional Scholars among us. Why does everything have to be rooted in "historical tradition"? Why are people supposed to govern their lives with the customs and traditions of the 1700s?