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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. So question for Constitutional Scholars among us. Why does everything have to be rooted in "historical tradition"? Why are people supposed to govern their lives with the customs and traditions of the 1700s?
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  2. It doesn’t have to be. It’s an arbitrary excuse to exercise power.
  3. It's a dangerous new precedent being introduced to justify overturning every ruling made during the past century. They will harken back to legalizing slavery if nothing is done to stop them.
  4. The thing that fucking riles me up so, so much is that these are the people who yell about "small government" and "tyranny" and then fucking this shit goes through and not a peep from any of them. "But blue lives matter, be nice to cops, they have it so hard!" Please d word.
  5. They don't really have an ideology. It's pretty much all self-interest (which, by definition, varies person to person). I know christofascism is the buzzword de jour, but it seems sorta useful. God, "history", or whatever other made up excuse to basically control and maintain power/hegemony.

    Meanwhile the economic elite just profit off of all of it.
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  6. As long as there are people worse off than they are, they will not care. We will never have universal health care here. I know people often reference how every other industrialized nation has it....but nearly all of those countries have homogenous populations (or did when those systems were implemented). We missed our chance in the 50's/60's and we will probably never get another for as long as the United States exists in its current form.
  7. Eh, I think there's always a possibility the pendulum swings back. Just not sure it'll do so in a meaningful way in our lifetimes, unfortunately.

    I agree with your first point though. I usually don't subscribe to psychological explanations of social hierarchy, but Janet didn't lie when she said everyone (re: Americans nn) has the need to feel special.
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  8. Speaking of which:

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  9. LTG


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  10. What Wendy said to ALL of them.
  11. Yes, the messenger was not right, but I still believe there was a kernel of truth to the message.
  12. Roe V Wade has been overturned
  13. I hate it here…
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  14. They are fucking insane
  15. Thomas is a fucking threat who shouldn't even be sitting since his wife was an instigator of Jan. 6.
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  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I want to fucking die.
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  17. I'm so angry that I just want to cry. Things are so bleak here.
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