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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. A well organized indefinite strike would probably be enough if our demands are limited to abortion.

    But we likely aren’t organized enough to start one and mildly upset people likely lack the resolve for indefinite. (And why limit our demands to abortion if we could muster the first two?)
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  2. These daily SCOTUS lashings

    Im tired
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  3. This is ... monumentally bad.
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  4. I am already seething, It's going to further infuriate me to see the President, The Vice President and aaaall the other democrat politicians do some fucking prayer circles and a bunch of vote pandering to try to soften this blow.
  5. Democrats did try and pass an abortion bill in May that got defeated in the Senate.

    I wish people were seething when that happened but it barely registered a mention.
  6. This is just the beginning, isn't it.
  7. I'm devastated for Americans
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  8. I know it’s impractical to say “we should just go make our own country!” but from a philosophical perspective… why do we put up with it? Why are we so stubbornly beholden to the desires of white dudes from 3 centuries ago, many of whom thought owning people was acceptable? Why can’t we admit that the US experiment was flawed from jump and has long outlived whatever value it may have possessed?
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  9. The Republicans are the smartest evil people I know because they have succeeded in getting American voters to vote against their own interests.

    Conservatives are so good at consolidating themselves despite their own differences as they watch “progressives” tear themselves apart in a way that actually strengthens the right. This is a problem the world over with the left.
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  10. Some of the er, 'moderate' Republicans I know, have said "They won't go after gay marriage, it would be too controversial with how widely accepted it is now," as if abortion wasn't also widely accepted for the last few decades. They're looking really fucking stupid right now.
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  11. It feels deeply psychotic to have to pretend to be a person today.
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  12. A mess. But not Loving v Virginia because he’s married to a white woman. Pft.
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  13. It’s become a cliche now but this is the prequel to Handmaid’s Tale.
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  14. Gay marriage is next. Justice Thomas could not have been more explicit in his comments.
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  15. Biden apparently will be speaking in 1/2 hour, if you want to pre-schedule your ragestroke
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  16. So which of the Internationalunties are going to let me marry them?
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  17. This is the end of the line, folks. We either vote, revolt, or die.
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  18. This is absolutely fucking abhorrent

    Imagine our Housewives marathons Hen
  19. I feel so sick atm, this is the end of women’s and minority rights as we know it….
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