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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. I've got my pussy hat and I'm booking a flight to DC to march again. Fuck this Gilead bull shit!!!
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  2. *just wanted to be clear that I did not mean that vote comment as patronizing. I just…have no other answer other than full on revolt / revolution, which is something that Americans seem incapable of.
  3. Everything feels so urgent now. I literally feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins.
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  5. I’m so fucking tired.
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  6. I'm lucky enough to be a digital nomad with a second life in Colombia. I've suspected for a while now that Colombia may be where I land semi-permanently but it's looking more and more certain.
    • They just elected a very genuine, very intelligent Leftist president with a very genuine, very intelligent award-winning environmental activist Vice President. They've both made substantial positive changes for the good of the average person.
    • The people have a pulse on reality. Everyone sees poverty every day and knows the pain it causes.
    • Literally nobody likes cops.
    • The political system makes 700 fucktons more sense than ours, and is not bogged down by old white fucks.
    • Gay rights. Abortion rights.
    • Home to 99% of gay cam models, which is iconic. I knew two folks who got hired remotely from Colombia at my old job who did it on the side. Learned about why it's popular there. Cool stuff.
    Anyway, it's happening and I'm absolutely making preparations before we go full Handmaid's Tale.
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  7. I am fully prepared to move back to Portugal, don't even care about my career anymore, I just feel bad for my fiancée who grew up here and would be far from his family.
  8. Feel free to direct those fuckwits to these polls:


    Support: 61%
    Oppose: 37%

    Same-Sex Marriage:
    Favor: 61%
    Oppose: 31%

    They're literally the same
  9. I can't help wondering what America looks like in 2030.
    I feel like this is just the beginning of a very dark period for human rights.
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  10. Anyone else worried they’ll come hardcore for medically necessary abortions as well???
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  11. I'm becoming increasingly sure life, as in fulfilling the needs of food, water, and adequate shelter, will be extremely competitive and difficult come 2030.

    Having said that, let's not resign ourselves to nihilism. Listening to "Today the Sun's on Us" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor to remind myself we're not there yet. For my own mental health I have to remind myself there's still my loved ones and so many good things in my life, and I have to actively enjoy them now.

    BUT. My heart is seriously hurting for all those who are pregnant who do not wish to be. I cannot imagine how scary that must feel right now.
  12. Right, it’s so aggravating talking to normies who refuse to believe that Republicans are as radical as they are. They’re so open about it, but it never seems to stick. Even if this decision ends up changing their minds, it’s already too late.
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  13. Oh baby, they’re coming for contraceptives. Medically necessary abortions are illegal effective immediately in a quarter +of states.
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  14. If America didn't make it so punishingly difficult to eliminate one's citizenship, I think a lot of us would've left quite a while ago.
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  15. Amy Coney Barrett lived with a child abusing fundamentalist cult leader for years when she was in college. Clarence Thomas' wife sincerely inquired about Biden's family being sent to Guantanamo. Brett Kavanaugh is, of course, an attempted rapist.

    These are the people deciding how we live our lives.
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  16. Terrible decision. Women should be in charge of their own bodies, not the state or anyone else.
  17. I never heard of this before. I know many people who left with no problem.

  18. The gay cam models…so real. We stan Colombia!
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