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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. I'm tired of the "just leave!" talking point coming up anytime something bad happens. This isn't directed towards anyone in this thread because like, if you can find a way out then good for you. But that's not a realistic option for the 300 million+ people that live here, especially for the poor/disabled/other minority populations that get hit the hardest by these policies. There's also the fact that no one should have to leave their home.

    Most Americans want better and that's enough for me to keep hope. That doesn't make these things any less of a punch in the gut, but unionization efforts, talks of a general strike, & all these other things are gaining more ground everyday. I reiterate the fact that we should be looking out for our communities and give up on the idea that the government is here to help us. Donate to abortion funds, do mutual aid, volunteer, etc.
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  2. Kinda want this on a t-shirt. Make it happen Bette.

    Biden saying Roe is on the ballot in November. Truly fuck off.
  3. Organizing is probably the best way forward. But, honestly, if you can move, I would. Living in a different policy/cultural regime has been lowkey life or death for me.
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  4. This is equally vile and disgusting to me…

  5. what is wrong with them
  6. For sure, and I hope my post didn't come off like that. I am positively aware of the fact that hell, my idea is dependent on multiple things staying stable: my relationship, my job, my mental health, and my track record on all three is questionable. I'm fucking terrified and I really do feel a survival "fight or flight" instinct kicking in, and "flight" just seems potentially feasible for me in this moment. But at the end of the day, it's fucking pitiful that the first thing out of Joe Biden's mouth is apparently more Democratic vote scaremongering? Unbelievable. HOW ABOUT YOU USE YOUR POWER AND HELP US, JOSEPH.

    ???????? Decap them all. I am sick. They're fucking complicit in this.
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  7. Nancy reading a fucking poem and sending out fundraising emails, the "if you're upset about this decision, vote blue no matter who in November" brigade out in full force on twitter today...

    Even if the president, the house, and half of the senate have no power by which to fight a supreme court decision - it would be nice to see somebody...try? Do literally anything other than performatively condemn the Republicans with a few 'harsh' words and then ask for more money. Like...continuously telling people that voting is the only solution, and then not taking any action once in office, is only going to leave more young people feeling disenfranchised and sitting out come the midterms. Which will then further accelerate our descent into hell. It really feels like there is no end in sight to this current cycle so...bring on the giant meteor, I want off the ride.
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  8. > “Roe is on the ballot”

    One good thing about this is mealy-mouthed Democratic politicians will have to actually say what they stand for (or don’t…), namely “abortion”, not “Roe v. Wade.”
  9. “Vote or literally die” is the worst campaign strategy Dems have had in years… and they’ve had a lot of competition nn.
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  11. Thank you for sharing this. I hope you get the care you need: you're very smart to do it now.
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  13. I don’t really have the words to be honest. We knew this was coming but it’s still devastating.

    Solidarity with Americans today. As a woman who up until 2018 had no right to abortion in my own country (when thankfully the Irish people voted to legalise it), I know what this feels like. Banning abortion will never stop abortion, it just stops safe abortions and creates an atmosphere of shame and stigma. I just can’t believe women born today will have less rights in America before. It’s so awful.

    And women will absolutely die because of this, especially in states where there will be no exceptions for women’s health or rape.

    Imagine forcing people to give birth in a country with no maternity leave, no free healthcare, no free childcare. ‘Pro life’ lmao.

    It’s always, always been about power and control over women and nothing else.
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  14. I wish I had taken notes, there was someone on CNN earlier who had a list of things that Biden could accomplish by executive order (the only one I remember is making federal buildings safe havens)—I get that he can’t just snap his fingers and fix everything but, maybe fix something?
  15. Even SSRIs can't keep me from crying today nn. Fuck.
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  16. figuratively AND literally tone-deaf
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  17. The fact that they called it…

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  18. An abortion bill everyone knew would fail was put up to a vote and it failed because there aren’t enough Dems in the Senate. Nobody cared, it was out of the news in like a day. So yeah, urging people to vote is 100% more productive than empty gestures that change nothing. Republicans cannot win elections and in order for that to happen people need to vote. Nothing else matters. It’s not a coincidence that abortion will be banned in red states and continue to be legal in blue states. Anything else is a massive cope.
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