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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. He, too, can fuck right off!
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  2. Ruth really was doing all those squats in the private gym for no reason huh
  3. The feels this is giving me. Flunge? I don't know but I don't like it.
  4. Yes people need to vote, but in practice we have seen that people (particularly young people) are not on board with "vote Blue no matter who" - we've tried it and it's not resonating. The Democratic party has as much responsibility to get people to vote by putting forward candidates who don't fucking suck, and who people will actually turn out to vote for, as people do to vote. I was fully on the "hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils" train in 2016 and 2020 but that isn't enough anymore, clearly it is not working so they need to try something else like...putting forward candidates that people are excited about voting for. Which I realize is much easier said than done but it's not like they're even trying at this point.
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  5. Amén to this. God.
    The fact is Democratic leadership should be fucking guns blazing right now and they're not.
  6. Cripple the country from the bottom up. Nationwide strike. Protests and Marches will do JACK SHIT.
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  8. Imagine if someone had enough common sense in 2016 to stop someone as unqualified and unelectable as Hillary Clinton from being handed in private the nomination!

    I know people will still read this and react poorly because they still have an emotional desire for a Hillary win, but it truly was maybe the most fundamentally worst decision the Democratic Party could have done and which set this all in motion.
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  9. The more I've processed this the more I've spiraled, and it's really fucking hard not to be fatalistic, but that's just where my head's been with things anyway. I keep thinking about the climate crisis and the gulf between the rich and the poor and how the worse and more unstable things get, the more volatile this unhinged minority will be and the more flippant and cruel (somehow!) the ruling class will be. Maybe 5-10 years ago I would've thought progress would gradually, history has a progressive arc or whatever, and demographic shifts (dying whites) would help, etc. But truthfully, we just don't have enough time and the chaos of the last decade seems like it's on an exponentially more turbulent trajectory.

    I'm glad I saw @sexercise's post because it was a valuable reminder to focus on what we can control in our own lives and communities. That's really where we can make the most progress and change the most minds, which is going to be really, really important in the years to come regardless of party rule.

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  10. I've gotten jack shit done at work today, myself, just can't stop reading and refreshing and thinking about that ticking clock that is getting louder and louder. We are witnessing the endgame of the American system itself. I completely agree that continuing to work within this same shitty system is going to just be a continuance of this. We need to mobilize immediately. I reckon I'll be onioning tonight.
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  11. Me, too! I hope they priced that in!
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  12. I wish I had more eloquent words to say right now, but it’s past midnight in my part of the world and I didn’t want to go to bed without saying to you Americunties that many of us Internationalunties are thinking of you. I’m so sorry you have to go through this and hope you can turn this back around because my blood is boiling.
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  13. I think the emotional response comes knowing you’re more right than wrong, and less than any attachment to Hillary at this point.

    I can’t add anything substantial to what so many of you have posted today, but I have been thinking this week about The Left in general - where it is, what it wants, where it goes. I have said and do believe the US is fundamentally more conservative than we like to think in this thread, but what I can’t figure out how to fix is changing this perception that The Right has any policies meant to meaningfully change lives for the better. The Right has a powerful narrative with no policies, The Left has powerful policies I believe in with no narrative. And the narrative is winning. I think part of the reason people still have an emotional response to Obama and Hillary is because they fulfilled a perceived ideal of identity politics and meritocracy, and still cling to it despite its fallacy. Only Bernie with Medicare For All and AOC with the Green New Deal have been effective on The Left in putting forth something tangible to grab on to, and both were met with disdain and ignorance.

    (And in Bernie’s case, I can’t exempt myself, because I know if you dig through this thread I have some bad, bad posts.)
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  14. Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan can rest well this evening.

    The other six can rest in peace.
  15. My fucking dad, "It's not like they made abortion illegal like the DEMOCRATS are saying!!!" BITCH PLEASE. He fell and hurt his back badly last week and I've been taking care of him and I almost just pushed him down again.
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  16. Sorry if I already posted these last month but they bear repeating if so

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  17. I work at Sephora, who also announced a week or two ago - at least to the employees, I haven't seen public mention of it yet, they would pay for any employee living in a state where it is not legal to get an abortion to travel for it. And as Sephora employs something like 85% women... Major. I hope many many other employers offer this.
  18. The absolute irony of these Republicans idiots who are so adament that aborting is killing a child yet have no issue watching guns repeatedly kill actual children. Where are their friggin' brain cells, where? Where are they? 404 Not Found!
  19. When things like this happen, protests break out around the country with hundreds of thousands of people.

    When gay marriage passed... Conservative voters don't rally to the streets by the thousands or do shit to fight against it. They literally do not care about anything that doesn't have to do with themselves.

    BUT they are being fed fear. Terrified of anything outside of their white hetero Christian bubble.
    They legitimately probably don't even know how an abortion works. They've probably never listened to the story of anyone who's chosen to get an abortion. (I say probably. But the real word is Definitely) They legit think that women stroll into an abortion clinic on their due date and decide to get an abortion. I lived in Indiana in 2016. Trump said in a debate that women were getting abortions the week of their due date. That does not happen. I had a Trump supporting coworker who was outraged that women were getting abortions the week of their due date. I told her "That's not true, That does not happen", "Yes it is true, Trump just said it at that debate."

    Republican politicians and their donors have sent their voters into a deep manipulation. Obviously it's deep at QAnon levels. But even on the more shallow sides of the issues. They're being lied to and manipulated. "Gay people are grooming children", anyone who is being manipulated to that has never listened to a gay person or learned about them. It's constant steady lies and no one in their life to contradict it. That's why they've been manipulated into watching biased news, too. And been manipulated through their religion, which is already layered manipulation. Earlier versions of the bible talks about how "men should not lay with little boys". Manipulatively translated to "men should not lay with men".

    Then of course, white replacement theory and this manipulated idea that there is some big scheme to make white people a minority - and their secret fear that if white people became a minority, they'd be treated the same way white people treat minorities now. But also, so many roads lead back to racism. And part of the reason abortion bans are so popular with conservatives is because there's a lot of white women getting abortions. And these white conservatives want white women to have their babies so there is more white people in this country.

    It's abhorrent. And I literally cannot concoct any idea of how our country could possibly break the chains of of this cult manipulation, aside from very drastic things happening.

    In my opinion, the only way to ever stop this further degrade into absolute cult like, fascist, conservative control -- is to actually have some progressive counters. At the end of the day, despite all of this, stances on progressive ideas like Healthcare For All are widely popular. The democratic party needs to get it the fuck together. Centrists like Biden and Manchin are not getting us anywhere. I am sick of these democrats thinking we can just work together and compromise with the Republicans. There is no compromise. They never compromise with us, so why do we try to do it with them? We need to take our country back from their manipulation. Not try to work with them. I'm sorry. Unity is just not the answer. We need progressive ideas on our side now. Because even the lackluster watered down centrist ideas are being labeled as "Far left". It's almost like gaslighting. But politicians in the democratic party care more about their money and power than backing progressive ideas or endorsing progressive candidates.
    Anyways-- i'm sorry for the long post. Let's vote for some fucking progressives please.
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  20. Sis I love you and I don't disagree with a lot of the discontent in this thread with Democrats as a whole for how they've governed with this trifecta, but we can't be revisionist about history now.

    Dems may have had a filibuster proof majority in 2009, but many of those Senators were elected from Southern States before the great rural-urban realignment during Obama's first term. There were Democratic senators from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alaska that would make Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema look like AOC and Bernie in comparison. There were still quite a few pro-life Democrats and pro-choice Republicans still hanging around in the Congress during that era.

    Obama deserves a lot of shit but there's no way he would've passed codification of abortion rights even if he wanted to spend all of his political capital. And he made a calculated choice to use it to pass the ACA through Congress instead.
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