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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. But also


    Okay but I also think Biden should do this.
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  2. Well.

    There’s a lot I could say and want to say but my brain and heart and head are so heated I’m not sure if any of it would make sense at the moment. What I do want to express, though -

    I work in a primarily women led and dominated environment and the energy today was palpable. We would move mountains for each other in a heartbeat and there’s nothing - not a vote, not an opinion, no amount of oppression - that could strip that away. It’s a love and bond that simply can’t be taken from us, as women and as a whole. All of us. It’s time for the “find out” in “fuck around and find out”.

    And they will find out.
  3. Even as an outsider, it feels so disheartening to see ideological extremism and unchecked capitalism overpowering the more level headed majority that wants meaningful change. I still don't understand how a minority that wants to preserve unchecked power has taken over the entire country through sheer force of will and strong messaging. It feels wrong to the core but I can't think of what people can do to change it other than protest, the systems Republicans have put in place feel too overwhelming. I feel helpless and desperate so I can't imagine what the women actually impacted by this feel. You're all in my thoughts tonight.

    Also, the Democrats have proven to be utterly useless and weak. If there was ever a time to hit the panic button it's now and that decrepit old man comes out and essentially tells people to vote? They voted last time and you didn't do anything with it!
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  4. The Biden tweet is atrocious. Does not even mention the word "abortion" or "woman". Makes no commitment to do anything about anything. Does not even explain what someone should do if they are concerned, or even anything resembling empathy. Just more "vote k?"


    I still can't sleep. Just ordered McDonald's in because that's the only thing open at this hour in my shit ass excuse of a town in this shit ass excuse of a country. At least it really is a beautiful place to live but fuck the locals today.
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  5. This is such a deflating feeling and seeing the celebrations of the anti-choicers on the news this morning just boiled my blood.

    Here in Ireland this issue was finally solved in 2018 and fuck it was a hard won victory. To imagine going back on that now and undoing all the progress we've made would make me want to leave the country. And yet here we are seeing this happening in the "land of the free".

    It's soul-destroying stuff.
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  6. I used to be a “get out and vote” guy but seeing how ineffective the Dems are is so disheartening.

    (Removed because wrong).
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  7. I see people call for a general strike and I doubt most would even cancel their Amazon Prime over this. I don't think protesting can do anything sadly, Republicans have been corrupting the system for decades and Democrats are either unable or unwilling to do anything about it.
  8. It's been said before, but a mass walk-out of laborers is the only thing that will render any change. The working class needs to reclaim its power.
  9. I notice a trend with the "praise Jesus" gang on Twitter consistently using the words "baby" or "children" in connection to abortions. It's so manipulative.

    This has all really upset me and I feel bad for feeling grateful to not live in the states.
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  10. You shared a tweet that was wrong. The Mexican government has not decriminalised abortion. There was a court decision that paved the way for decriminalisation but that won’t ever happen in the Mexican government. There are women in Mexican prisons with 20 year + sentences for having an abortion.

    If you want a working strategy perhaps look at Argentina and not Mexico. But that would blow a hole in your ‘not voting’ strategy.
  11. Firstly fair enough - good to know.

    Secondly - super aggressive and at no point did I suggest or infer I didn't or wouldn't vote. I was expressing that the Democrats do very little with power. But anyways.
  12. How do these people even get elected. My god!!!!

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  13. This is ahistorical in that there are hardly any examples of abortion ever being codified into law through direct democracy, let alone through republic-style governments where minority rule is even more emphasized due to outsized influence.

    Referencing Argentina itself is weird since it's still fairly iffy on abortion with bans after 14 weeks, much stricter than parts of the US itself.

    In Colombia, highly publicized lawsuits and mass outrage and protests over the last decade materialized in their high court legalizing abortion up to 24 weeks. China and Vietnam allow for abortion until around the same period, with it only restricted later due to it becoming easier to know the sex of the fetus at that time.

    Colombia is itself a more apt comparison with both systems relying on the fact that, at their respective time, the court was seen as more progressive than their respective legislatures.

    Not understanding why America is in the place it is in and that such is not "because people don't vote" is just illiteracy and unhelpful at this point.
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  14. I made it to 13 seconds and could not proceed. Hate.
  15. This confirms my suspicions that the people who are obsessed with controlling women's bodies have never had actual sex.
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  16. The scariest thing is you just know same-sex marriage is going to be next on the agenda with these religious bigots.

    Between this and what happened in Japan it’s been a pretty shitty week for rights and equality.

    Why can’t people just mind their own fucking business and stop thinking they have a right to dictate how people live their lives?
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  17. That’s true. But the majority of politicians are white men close to or at retirement age. We need to stop voting for old men.
  18. The most anti-choice voice on the court is its youngest female member. She was confirmed through the support of conservative female senators tipping the scale in her favor, claiming that Roe v. Wade was already settled.
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  19. I’d expect nothing less from conservatives. No one should ever vote for conservatives.

    My post refers to voting for old, white men across the board. Don’t vote for old white men, especially those who talk up “progressive” policies because they have no urgency to act.
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