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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Good thread. Nice to see a politician actually saying a bit more than "Go vote! Give me $5!"
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  2. More of this, please, people who supposedly are in power! This at least gave me a tiny sliver of hope.
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  3. Not being a Christian in this country is so ostracizing, particularly as a kid. This makes my blood boil.
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  4. Look forward to all the prayers to Satan at future events too! Oh, they only want religious freedom when it’s for Christians?
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  5. Another great twitter thread with real thoughts and ideas here. I love these progressive politicians actually wanting to go beyond just pandering for votes.
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  6. I cannot deal. Feeling very "more nicotine please!" More aggressive resistance, please!

    The fate of the world depends on people like this fighting for power like Madonna. Find your inner serpent and strike, Ilhan. I seriously need the old guard of Democrats to d word already. How much longer can it possibly take.
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  7. I went and cast my early vote in the democratic primary here in Chicago. Most of the races are like "okay do I care who is a judge". But getting to vote for State Representative in my district was nice. There's a great progressive candidate there who I was excited to vote for.

    Also there is a progressive trans woman who every election researches and writes up an entire guide of every race in Cook County and endorses the most progressive choices and that was super helpful in giving me more information before I voted. Even on a local level, voting for democrats willynilly isn't good enough. We need progressive ideas at every level of our government.
    I also really can't wait to vote for Chicago Mayor next year too.
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  8. California's voting on making abortion a constitutional right in the state in November so let me go ahead and put my registration in now.
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  9. At this rate the Supreme Court is gonna bring Jim Crow back. Yall better brush up on your reading, writing, and arithmetic!
  10. Not all these US tragedies inadvertently advancing social progress in other countries.

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  11. I wonder if they’ll start letting people claim their unborn children on their tax returns!
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  12. That and claiming child support. I hope these awful men are ready to pay child support from conception!
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  14. Big day in Washington. Surprise witness testimony. Let’s see how Fox News is covering it!

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  16. Not sure grabbing the throat of a secret service officer is #BeBest behavior Donny T!
  17. DB3A690F-C428-4B7C-ACCE-60CFB753E01F.jpeg

    More women are anti-abortion.

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get more insane. Jesus Christ.
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