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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Ay, don't make me do this.

    1. Abortion is not mentioned once in this figure. Any one of these categories could include pro- or anti-abortion sentiments. So, not exactly precise.
    2. Men and women are equally pro-choice.
    3. Though women appear to be more "pro-life" they also appear to be more "both" pro-life and pro-choice. How abortion falls into the "both" category is unclear.
    4. There is no indication any of these differences, which are small to begin with, are statistically significant. In other words, these differences could be a statistical anomaly, as in, not "real."
    5. According to this figure, women are more likely than men to favor legal abortion under all circumstances.
    6. According to this figure, across a bunch of countries, including the U.S., women are more likely than men to say abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

    Honestly, the headline for the article is about as correct as you can get given the evidence: Men and women have similar views on abortion. So I don't think it's fair to demonize women, and, if anything, the evidence is a good thing for those of us that support abortion or a woman's choice. Men and women are generally supportive.
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  2. Jesus Christ I’m losing mental capacity to get my head around the now daily (or perhaps hourly??) levels of fuckery America seems to be just letting happen? I live in the UK so I’m physically removed from the chaos and I’m losing my mind. I can’t imagine how scary it must be for everyone living in the land of “free”.
  3. Somewhere out there @superglowy is getting off in glee to Americans who eat 12 meals a day (???) falling victim to the unbearable weight of a crumbling empire.
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  4. They should have let Trump go to the Capitol after his speech, huh
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  5. I am frankly pissed off at the Idaho Department of Labor right now. The number of hoops my mom just had to jump through to get her $250/week unemployment was *ridiculous*. She literally wouldn't have done it if I wasn't there to help her. And now, she has to prove that she's a good girl and make sure she's proving she's not trying to be a lazy welfare queen by spending one hour every Sunday filling out an online form with all her job contact attempts. It is unreal. How about you give my poor mom a fucking break for once and give her the benefits she EARNED already? Oof. Anger. Seething.
  6. Andrew Giuliani lost the NY gubernatorial primary today.
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  7. It’s almost funny watching people twist themselves into knots trying to explain away Trump/January 6th. Like, there is truly nothing that could be revealed that would make them admit they’ve been bamboozled.
  8. I was actually referring to those who make up the “pro-life” anti-abortion movement.

    What hopefully doesn’t happen is Republicans not only get control of Congress, but also the presidency, and then pass a constitutional amendment banning abortion nationwide. I wouldn’t put it pass them not to do it. They’ve been waiting to do this for decades.

    I still remember someone telling me that it wasn’t an insurrection but a merely a tourist visit. I asked them if they had heard the chants of “Hang Mike Pence!” They said they heard no such thing. They truly are in a cult.

  9. The only way Democrats can win is when people lose, I hate it here
  10. Warnock slaying ok king
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  11. I don't doubt that Dems are more motivated and that independents will lean more D, but we have to be very careful looking at polls for the next few weeks. Liberals tend to be more responsive after events such as these and polling aggregates do not account for reactive anger/rage.

    However, a special election in Nebraska's 1st congressional district that Trump won by double digits saw Patty Pansing Brooks (D) overperform Biden by +4. With a partisan lean of 17 points towards Republicans, the final results were 53 R / 47 D. Insane.

    Again, special elections are wonky and are usually not predictive of general elections....but those numbers are crazy. Dems might have a chance at holding the house.
  12. On the other side of things, there was the TX-34 (D+5, Biden+4) special election that crazy Mayra Flores lady won handily so it really could go either way. But it definitely doesn’t look as grim as it did a few months ago.
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  13. Yes! Good example. The fact that the Nebraska election was the first congressional election post Roe definitely is a big difference, though.

    Also, the Texas election doesn't really matter because that district will not exist in the 2022 midterms and the newly drawn district is much friendlier to democrats. Meanwhile, the Nebraska special election was supposed to be run under the pre-2022 redistricting maps since the 21-23 Congress is still in session, but for some reason they used the newly drawn map (which is actually illegal under federal / state law, but clearly following the law doesn't matter anymore).
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  14. We are so fucked in this country it is beyond belief.

  15. Okay do away with the whole thing next.
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  16. Call me crazy but shouldn’t the Environmental Protection Agency be able to … set environmental protections?
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  17. I guess they are arguing that congress wasn't clear enough in its mandate when it created the EPA. What a disaster. So the next time we have a Republican president get the N95s back out I guess.
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  18. Oh geez. Sorry, lazy reader here, I interpreted the tweet as being about a particular policy, not … the fundamental nature of the whole agency. Well, we’ll just get that much closer to the end of days this way!
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