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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. They won’t even do away with it for this thing. “President supports Congress doing something it won’t do.”
  2. It’s cool that the Supreme Court is not just intent on ruining the US, it wants to make sure it has a part in ruining the entire planet now. Cool cool.
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  3. The conservative movement behind out current Supreme Court wants to remove as much power as possible from the federal government.
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  4. And they've been working on this "project" for 50 years, meaning every Democratic president since is responsible as much as their GOP counterparts for failing to install the protections needed to prevent the results we're seeing now.
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  5. It's all just really fucking shit, isn't it?
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  6. More and more I realize the accuracy of the phrase Democrats play defense for the ruling class and Republicans play offense.
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  7. We're all going to die because of conservatives. I'll be playing Arya Stark in hell.
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  8. It really is trippy realizing that we're on the cusp of horror. I'm trying to savor the good things in my life as much as I can right now. I'm also resenting myself for losing myself to alcoholism during the initial COVID scare. I miss the innocence that I used to be able to find in that bottle. It'd be nice right about now.
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  9. I’ve been digging through this thread on lunch break and just choked at this one
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  10. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. Like please make this stop, I want off this ride

  11. My work contract renews in January and if they don’t let me go fully remote I’m out of here. I had a heart attack recently and got zero sick pay and the insurer has dumped me with way more of the bill than I anticipated. What a shitshow.
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  12. They're doing everything possible to get 2024 in the bag.
  13. How long until Biden responds to Republicans trying to rig the upcoming elections with "welp...just vote harder!!!"
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  14. They’re literally going to get rid of checks and balances, this is wild. US was never particularly democratic but whatever shreds of it were left will be gone by 2024. This is all so scary.
  15. This is so horrific
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  16. Ummm so when are we getting out the guillotines? Now? It's now, right?
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  17. I feel like I’ve stolen Sanctuary’s valor getting likes off a “Dems are bad” post.
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  18. Can they hurry up and shift us back into the correct timeline, please?!
  19. Never forget that @Blabby predicted all of this and we mocked ha.
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