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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. This story is insane, and I could say I'm not surprised but this is one of those rare cases where yeah...this is shocking news.
  2. Hi hey hello you wassup.

    Anyway @digitalkaiser is completely right, this mainly comes down the policing, and after last election when a police oversight bill narrowly lost here the ruling class is out for blood for anyone who supported the measure and Omar is the biggest name that did. Don Samuels got a crazy amount of funding for sticking by Frey and for suing to get that policing oversight measure of the ballot. He is the the perfect figure for the ruling class to support while telling themselves they aren't absolutely racist even thought he is a complete psychopath.

    Additionally Ilhan's fallen out with the Somali population here over her perceived support with the current Rwandan president. This was an untapped political base that helped put her over the edge big time. Losing their support and a low turnout year made it a close call.

    All this being said, the centrist democrats need a miracle to unseat her, Don was the perfect challenger for her and it still wasn't enough. He has the name recognition needed but they aren't going to have the same circumstances in 2024, which won't be a low turnout year and in 2026 will people still be as fired up about the police?
  3. The levels of cope in conservative circles is truly majestic to witness right now. These people will twist anything to wrest culpability from Trump. Wild.
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  4. Not sure this is really the slam dunk you think it is…
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  5. Finally a reasonable reaction to all this chicanery!

  6. Aint this man supposed to be in PRISON?
  7. I mean, all of that is absolutely terrifying.
    (18 USC 793 is the Espionage Act.)
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  8. His sentencing is scheduled for the 21st of October, I guess he gets to just chill until then.

    If I have to hear one more person bloviate about “We need to take a moment to remember, we’ve never seen this happen to a former president before”…

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  9. Is he though? Obama called in drone strikes on American citizens without a trial.

    And all the others have obviously been responsible for murdering many people around the globe, even if not de jure guilty of a crime.

    Trump is just the first one guilty since the one before him.
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  10. Point taken, and I think it’s time that the 1973 OLC memo be reconsidered as it’s obvious that DT wants back in office at least partially because he would have that protection.

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  11. Trump could've avoided all this if he had just croaked instead of going to the hospital with COVID.
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  12. kal


    So uh… this thread is pretty wild? When will the US government finally find its spine and go after all these clearly mentally unstable people that have unimpeded access to guns?

  13. They're desperate for meaning in their lives. They'd be American Life stans if they weren't so stupid.
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  14. He really has his fans out here cosplaying GTA, I just hope they keep failing to harm anyone but themselves.
  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    What does “mentally unstable” even mean?

    Some people are just terrible human beings. Some people are gullible and stupid. That is not the same as being “mentally unstable”, which is a term that serves literally no purpose but to stigmatise mental health conditions.

    You could argue that Republicans ARE trying to deal with “mentally unstable” people - by stigmatising and/or planning to cut off access to antidepressants. Will that solve anything? No. But it will help their argument that “mentally unstable” people are the problem.
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  16. kal


    I was just alluding to the fact that they likely wouldn’t be able to pass a psychological evaluation which you need to be able to own a firearm in.. most countries? Perhaps I didn’t word it the best way. Republican gun nuts are insane, and should not be able to own any guns.
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